Trading Card Brouhaha Or Is It A New Genre

Updated: November 16, 2006



Forget the mess

in Washington

we have Trouble

with a capital T right here

in Football Land and it

involves a Black player

And it involves a first year player at that New Jersey Jets rookie Leon Washington and some card collectors are cashing in on the Controversy. Could this become the most famous athlete card ever. Even surpassing the Honus Wagner tobacco company card .Why not this is the Age of the Internet.

What is driving up the value of this card to $100 and more on eBay and elsewhere. Washington claims he is making an E in honor of his home town (how thoughtful of him) and not some obscene gesture. Well guess what either way it is good for Washington he gets himself a Box, lots of other ink and he probably has a few cases of the card stashed away for his own use.

If he doesn’t get greedy even more stupid and flood the market over time he may become rich no matter how well his NFL career goes. With a timed release of his own stash of Leon Washington cards. Even more those he personally signs bringing him even Bigger Bucks than the others.

As for Topps they are offering the “sucker deal” of all time offering card holders to exchange this card for another one with no controversy. Right. Send us a list of who those folks are. We can sell that list for Big Bucks. The Ultimate Suckers List who you can sell anything. At any price.

Back on the Gridiron Leon Washington is doing a well or better than his Card. A 4th round draft pic he has unexpectedly been thrust into the NFL limelight with the injury of Curtis Martin. Filling in Washington is leading the Jersey Jets racking up 432 rushing yards and claiming his share of the credit for the Jets looking like a team that “might” make the post-season. Maybe.

Still we’re drawn back to the trading cards.

Rather than making excuses for the card as he has why not embrace the “obscenity.” That’s right announce that there is a place in this world for ALL kinds of cards. Card collectors should have the right to buy what they want in a FREE society and if some crave Obscenities WHY not. They can be sold only to adults with photo ID required. And selling to children can be made a criminal offense. That said. FREEDOM of expression should rein. In football and society.

Just for sake of argument

imagine if Washington

releases a card with

him mooning

what VALUE

why not an entire category of

X rated trading cards ?

Washington may have

started a new industry

for ALL players

and what’s good

for the economy is

Good for America

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