The BS Never Stops At NCAA

Updated: November 1, 2006



The BS is so Deep

at NCAA headquarters

it’s amazing everyone

there from Myles Brand

on down hasn’t


in IT

The latest LOAD was released this week in the form of a “special” (sic) NCAA report that purports to encourage NCAA Division I colleges ……

……… to “reduce” (sic) their spending on sports. But as NCAA President Dr. Myles Brand stated in releasing the report following his Ballyhooed speech before the National Press Club in the BS Capitol of the Universe on Monday – Washington, DC as though you didn’t know –

……. is that the NCAA is offering no specific recommendation let alone requiring the colleges to do anything. In fact Brand goes the full mile stating the NCAA cannot take ANY action at all to require colleges to reduce their super-charged spending on Big Time College Sports ……….

WHY ?????

Because according to Brand the NCAA would be in VIOLATION OF ANTI-TRUST LAW IF they did. How convenient.

Now note this Sports Fans ….

The NCAA at the same time has NO problem is “disciplining” call it abusing student athletes who it “believes” have violated a RIGID DRACONIAN set of regulations that PREVENT student athletes from accepting any form of compensation for playing on college teams of NCAA colleges but ……


that is NO violation of

anti-trust collusion whatsoever ??

in the view of the NCAA

Of course Brand’s “anti-trust” statement is Canard meant to “dazzle” the dumb and the major media at the same time ( is there any difference between the two ). The one important thing Brand’s report does because it could not avoid it is to highlight the fact that sports spending by colleges is Out of Control. Far exceeding inflation as well as other kinds of spending at colleges.

But the BIGGEST insult of all

And the ultimate purpose of Brand’s latest Shenanigans is to try and re-inforce the NCAA’s TAX FREE status. It should be considered an insult to EVERY American that all this wild wild spending for coaches salaries, gold plated stadiums, luxury boxes, exotic travel for sport department officials. lavish banquets, 4 star accommodations and more is ALL tax free.

And on the other side of the equation ..

So is the lavish “giving” by corporations when they make deals with the NCAA for broadcast rights, stadium naming, sponsorship deals of all sorts, and include the Fat Cat alumni who write huge tax FREE checks to the athletic departments of the college they graduated from so so many years ago…..

it is a COMMERCIAL enterprise

Ladies & Gentlemen

NO different than

any other BUSINESS

And while all this is going on

this BILLIONS dollar business

of college sports …..

The student athletes not only get paid NOTHING if they so much as take a text book as a gift or get a dollar for signing their autograph they become the victims of a Witch Hunt and with the NCAA having the POWER to insure they NEVER play another college game should NCAA and their college choose.

It’s all one Big SCAM and

in a world filled with

Con Artists

NCAA President Myles Brand

is one of the Biggest Con Artists

of ALL of ALL time

may he NOT Rest in Peace


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