Stephon Marbury Are These Shoes Made For Walking Or Maybe Tossing

Updated: November 8, 2006



If only being a Good Guy

was all it took to win

basketball games

Stephon Marbury and the Knicks would both be in First Place. Rather than staring down the barrel of another season in Last Place. This very young season already descending into Hopelessness. And what an indignity for Marbury. Fans go out and buy his praiseworthy $15 Starburys then head over to Madison Square Garden wearing them to BOO Marbury and the Knicks.


” Fire Marbury ”

The Knicks who won their first game of 2006 in Triple Overtime a miracle that keeps them from being the only 0-4 team in the NBA. Instead they are 1-3 having easily lost their next 3 games under soon to be ex-coach Isiah Thomas. As for Stephon Marbury he is already heavily into self-flagellation. Condemning himself for his poor play and inviting critics in the media and the stands to trash him. Everyone seems happy to comply with Marbury’s request.

How bad is Marbury playing. VERY bad and even far worse if you factor in he gets paid $17 Million a year for playing basketball for part of the year with long vacations between early May and late September. Especially long vacations you earn by playing for the NY Knicks. No need to delay vacation plans until late June just in case your team goes to the NBA Championship series.

Now here’s a real Dilemma

for Stephon Marbury

no other reporters

have covered

WHAT IF Marbury gets it into his head that his own Sneakers are to blame for his poor play. After all he has to blame something after he gets tired of blaming himself. WHAT IF he decides its his Starburys. Or even if Desperate Isiah Thomas willing to tell Owner Jim Dolan anything to save his job at least a few more weeks tells Dolan that he told Marbury that his Starburys are bringing him down and the entire team. What will Entrepreneur Stephon Marbury do ?

Is there any athlete in history who has ever denounced a product he not only endorses but owns the company and makes the product. Is it possibly we will see Marbury followed by the Media Hoard storming into Steve & Barry’s to DEMAND his money back for selling an inferior product even if he made the shoes and never really bought them at Steve & Barry’s because he has an endless free supply but needs to do something theatrical to make his point.

How will all of us who ran out

and bought Starburys and praised

Marbury for his cheap shoes do

Maybe we can sue to get

our $15 back or sell

them back to


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