Real Life Happy Feet Emmitt Smith’s Dancing Glory

Updated: November 18, 2006



Is it a Coincidence

NO WAY we say

The release of a movie

about ( mostly ) Black

DANCING penguins

at the same time

Emmitt Smith is


“Dancing with the Stars”

I’s Synergy Folks or

a Conspiracy

This Wednesday the former Dallas Cowboys SuperSTAR running back put his fancy footwork yo a new use dancing up a storm on the wildly popular reality show Dancing with the Stars.” Then only about 24 hours later the new dancing/animation Warner Brothers Holiday move ” Happy Feet ” opens – a story about DANCING penguins. Mostly Black penguins. Lots of them.

Both Smith and the movie have received outstanding reviews. Now if you remember some of those old movie clip shows you see on PBS from time to time A disney movie or two from back in the 30s-40s era featured a famous dancer in movies teamed up with an animated Disney figure together. Well. How about a Holiday Special Emmitt Smith DANCING with the penguins.

It could be better than

Rockefeller Center’s Tree Lighting or

maybe at the Christmas Tree Lighting !

All right we made our point. Whatever it is. Enough about the dancing penguins. This Box is really about the exploits of Emmitt Smith. And his dancing partner of course. You can’t win this competition without a partner.

Emmitt Smith isn’t the all time leading NFL rusher for nothing. In a league with a long history of great runners it is not easy to become the best. And it identifies a level of talent and competitive traits that are far more ranging than simply Running with a Football. How about “Dancing with the Stars.” Especially if you are THE Star doing the Dancing.

Now guess who Emmitt Smith credits with his own HAPPY FEET his winning dance moves. Whoever you said or guessed you are wrong. It’s his Chiropractor. That’s right Dr. Jim Parker who has been his chiropractor since his Dallas Cowboy glory days. Smith is not an occasional user of Dr. Parker’s services. Emmitt Smith BELIEVES in weekly chiropractic sessions throughout your life. YES Smith even credits Chiropractics for his legendary success in Football.

We’ve gotten off track again

haven’t we or have we

it all glues together

But let’s try to focus on Wednesday evening on ABC. Smith and his dancing partner – the so called real or professional dancer on their team – Cheryl Burke. Against some heavy competition week after week with Wednesday’s Finale labeled the “SuperBowl” of Dancing ( giving Smith a subtle psychological advantage ) it came down to the Final Two teams and taking Ballroom Dancing to a new height and wearing costumes straight out of a Las Vegas spectacular Smith & Burke held the live and TV audience in awe and WON !

Unconfirmed reports are

that Emmitt Smith

put himself into a

Trance thinking

himself back on

the Gridiron and

Cheryl Burke was

a Football he was

“dancing” to the

End Zone and

Victory if so

it worked

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