Michael Vick Flying High Winning In the Air and On The Ground

Updated: November 2, 2006



There is NO doubt

where Michael Vick is

is where football action is

win or lose Vick sets the

tone for Atlanta like

no other player does

on any NFL team

For the last two weeks he has proven it in all his Glory. Two straight marvelous performances both in the air and on the run. Bringing the Falcons to 5-2 tied for their Division lead and the middle of the hunt for the SuperBowl.

To prove the point Michael Vick was named Offensive Player of the Week for his performance last Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals which Atlanta won 29-27 on the strength of Vick’s outsized performance throwing for 3 Touchdowns completing 20 of 28 passes for 298 yards while running for 55 yards.

Classic Michael Vick. and

answering his critics

Yes the criticism that never goes away. Vick can run but can he pass. First of all that criticism ignores two important facts. 1) As a true running Quarterback his running game will “diminish” his passing game, and 2) the very nature of the offensive structure built by Atlanta to maximize Vick’s abilities in many games will result in less impressive passing stats from Vick. The only real issue is do the Falcons WIN with Michael Vick commanding the Atlanta Offense.

Let’s put a third hurt on Vick’s critics. When other teams lose there is rarely as much emphasis on the Quarterback’s failure as there always is on Michael Vick’s performance every time Atlanta loses. Those who knock Vick make it seem like he’s the only player on the field or at least the only one under-performing.

Who is the real Michael Vick. The most dynamic player in pro football today. Let’s go back another week. Atlanta’s 41-38 Overtime victory over Pittsburgh. Michael Vick passed for FOUR Touchdowns – too bad Vick can’t pass ?? – completing 18 of 30 passes for 232 yards while running for 40 yards on 5 carries averaging 8 yards per run. Not bad ! Not bad at all.

That is SEVEN Touchdowns passing for Vick in the last 2 weeks and 95 yards on the Ground. How many other Quarterbacks in the NFL have those stats for the last two weeks. It’s a short list. Nobody else is on it.

While this Sunday’s game should not be much of a test against the dismal Detroit Lions currently 2-5 nor the following week against Cleveland currently also 2-5, it will get tougher as we get deeper into November, Atlanta playing Baltimore 5-2 now, then New Orleans likewise 5-2 now and tied with Atlanta.

Coming off the two best consecutive weeks in his NFL career the next 4 weeks combining both weak and strong opponents should tell IF this is the season Vick puts it ALL together and WOWS the world of Football.

It will be FUN to watch

Michael Vick the next month

and see where he takes

the game of Football

and all of us

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