Let’s Call It An All White Madness Big Time Fishing $$$$$$$

Updated: November 6, 2006



Yes another Fish Story

we return to FISH


good reason arises

Because Big Time Fishing is another ever perfect example of insidious Racism in Sports aided and abetted by African Americans themselves who buy into Stereotypes that make many sport off limits to Black Americans.

Fishing isn’t fishing any more it is Big Sports Business. The CITGO Bass Master Tournament has become the Big Daddy of sports fishing involving many millions of dollars in broadcast, sponsorships, fees, audiences.

You name it the CITGO /ESPN Bass Master Tournament which has a season of major tournaments is right up there with the NFL and NBA for serious fisherMEN WHITE fisherMEN. There is even the SuperBowl of bass fishing each year the $2Million CITGO BassMaster Classic each summer.

ESPN the exclusive broadcaster for the multi-event tournament and for the Bass SuperBowl has almost as big a crew and as many cameras as for the better known sports events because bass fishing is BIG sports business. Now and forever.

And one more sport where African Americans need not apply. Yes rarely very rarely see a Black bass fisherman shows up who gets completely lost in the mix and never wins anything. But even that is rare. Very rare. You would think CITGO would be more attuned to “minority” involvement. WHY ??

Do you know who owns CITGO. None other than Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez ( one of George Bush’s favorite Whipping Boys ). Actually the government owns CITGO the distribution company for Venezuela’s vast oil supply. But what’s the difference. What Hugo wants Hugo gets when it comes to Venezuela. CITGO could demand for its multi-million dollar sponsorship that 10% of the competitors be so called members of “minorities.” Like African Americans.

But guess what …

There would still be NO Africans Americans fishing for dollars. Because African Americans are not to be found in many sports for two essential reasons 1) RACISM, and the other 2) a lack of interest in breaking through the Sports Stereotypes instead just Bellyaching about our Very UnFair World.

( or maybe because Black people can’t swim )

Think about Fishing

BASS Fishing

Does anyone think that a White Guy casting a line with a hook and a lure on it is any more capable of catching the Big One than an African American casting a line with a hook and a lure into the same water crowded with big hungry BLACK Bass. If anything if you were a BLACK Bass and you were going to fall hook, line and sinker for some guy standing in a boat you would prefer some BLACK guy to some WHITE guy trying to catch you a BLACK Bass …….

…… you’d have a far better chance of being thrown back in the water o swim another day than becoming dinner IF a Black fisherman catches you !

Still even well off African Americans for instance all those retired football and basketball pros with lots of time on their hands and lots of money in the bank looking for something competitive to do. And to still be Adored……

……… Retired Big Name Black Athletes would have the same appeal on the Bass Circuit as they did on the NFL Circuit or the NBA Circuit. But where are they when it comes to the Bass SuperBowl and millions in prize money and adoring audiences on ESPN and big crowds at the tournaments looking for autographs these wealthy bored former Black athletes are NO where to be found.

Maybe now the many

Black athletes who

read the Black Box

will be inspired to read


and find out what

they are missing for

NO good reason

NOT Fishing

for BASS

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