Jermaine Dye Leads Americans Victory In Japan

Updated: November 4, 2006




African Americans may be

be in Big Trouble in the Majors

but on a tour of Japan

Japanese baseball fans

may not have noticed

Playing for the MLB All Stars in their first game in a 5 game tour of Japan, Dye’s 2 run HomeRun was the difference giving the Americans a 3-2 victory in Tokyo on Thursday. Not surprising as Dye hit 44 Homers this past season.

Regardless of how many HomeRuns Dye or any of his teammates hit during this brief tour of Japan, the latest in an ongoing series of incursions into Japan during the off-season and to start the season as well some years. Major League Baseball continues to think Globally. In fact all the American sports leagues are now actively thinking Globally and no where more so than in Asia.

While Japan has traditionally held interest for American baseball and now basketball and football to a lesser extent the BIG market they are all eyeing is CHINA. CHINA the land of 1.3 billion and the world’ HOTTEST ( some say over-heated ) economy. Basketball is already making strides in China since the sport is now widely played there.

From Major League Baseball’s perspective they see no reason Baseball cannot become as popular in China as it is in Japan. That remains to be seen. But Baseball certainly intends to try. MLB announced that it will be opening its first office in the next few months in China in a yet to be announced city. Most likely in Beijing but don’t discount Shanghai the true capitalist heart of the nation.

MLB President Bob DuPoy recently made a rather dramatic statement “Our goal us to open the season in China – with regular season games – in the very near future.” LET’S REPEAT THAT. “Our goal us to open the season in China – with regular season games – in the very near future.”

Apparently Chairman Mao banned baseball in China a half century ago claiming it was a “bourgeois indulgence of the rich.” Well in the NEW China that is one very good reason for baseball to become popular. Major League Baseball is intent on playing the numbers according to DuPoy who has said on looking at the odds of finding great baseball talent in China, “If you are one in a million in China there’s 1,300 of us.” Makes sense and dollars.

Then there is American football ..

The National Football League ha designs on China as well. Maybe more. The NFL isn’t talking about games in China. NONONO. Next August will feature the FIRST ever NFL game in China when the New England Patriots play the SEattle Seahawks in a pre-season exhibition game. AND REGULAR SEASON GAMES beginning in 2008. That’s right. the NFL in CHINA.

In fact don’t be surprised

to see the NFL marketing

the next SuperBowl

BIG in China in

February building

fan interest there

IF only

African Americans

can get a piece of

ALL this new Sports Action

more than just Jermaine Dye

hitting a Home Run and

winning a Game

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