Encore: Hank Aaron “Sorry Barry But I’m Much Too Busy”

Updated: November 2, 2006

Originally Published: 11/02/06 HANK AARON ” SORRY BARRY BUT I’M MUCH TOO BUSY ”


So Barry Bonds doesn’t

waste his time waiting

for Hank Aaron

When Bonds hits his Bogus 755th and 756th HomeRuns season soon Hank Aaron already stated publicly again this last week he will NOT be their to see the fraudulent tying and breaking of his all time HomeRun record by a Steroid Junkie.

Maybe Bonds still does or

doesn’t take STEROIDS

any more the fact is

Without taking Steroids for year after year while he hit a Shit Load of Juiced 4 Baggers … if NOT for the Steroids Barry Bonds would NEVER have come anywhere close to Hank Aaron’s 755 career HRs.

Thank God Aaron has enough integrity and smarts to make it crystal clear he does not want to be anywhere near the Black “junkie” who CHEATED his way to 755 HomeRuns if he actually does get there.

In fact let’s ask the deeper question WHY should Pete Rose be banned from Baseball for life for betting on Baseball but Bonds goes FREE for sticking syringes filled with illegal substances up his ass day after day for years.

Yea yea yea we’ve wasted far too many Boxes on Bonds except that when a True Baseball Hero Hank Aaron stands up to the BS that merits another Box. And if you haven’t heard Barry Bonds is now a Free Agent meaning most of all the San Francisco Giants do not want him back in their uniform no matter how many tainted HomeRuns he has hit. Barry’s Game is getting OLD in every which way. Probably though some stupid pathetic American League team will make him a deal to be their Designated Hitter because they think it will put Fans in the Stands. In fact it should keep them away. Far far away.

What an embarrassing day it will be

in a few weeks for Baseball if

Barry Bonds reaches

756 HomeRuns

The phony celebration, the lying press conferences, the hyped up news show appearances, the insincere congratulations, the vacant stares, the disgust of everyone and anyone who cares at all about legitimacy in Sports or life.

Thank God

Hank Aaron won’t

be there not for

a million dollars

not for anything

he won’t participate

in a Fraud if

Barry Bonds had any

integrity he’d retire

right now but of course

he won’t what does

Integrity have to do

with Barry Bonds.

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