Day of Destiny Saturday For Troy Smith

Updated: November 17, 2006



His Fate is in his Hands

REALLY in his Hands

or should be

Troy Smith

Starting Quarterback for

#1 Ohio State playing #2 Michigan

this Saturday afternoon

In this one game THE GAME OF THIS COLLEGE SEASON beyond argument on the strength of his performance at Quarterback Smith can lock up both a National Championship invitation for January for Ohio State and the Heisman Trophy for himself in December. Never has a football game loomed so large absolutely not for Troy Smith or Ohio State. In its way Bigger than a National Championship game. All that’s at stake.

The Big Problem for #2 Michigan is that Toy Smith already has their number and without one of the worst collapses in college football history he should have their number again on Saturday. The last 2 seasons Smith has destroyed Michigan’s season with stunning performances and big victories. If he can do it a 3rd time in a row Troy Smith will be the first Ohio State Quarterback to beat the Michigan Wolverines 3 consecutive game in 70 years !

Some sports observers feel

the biggest rivalry in college football

some say all football even all sports

is Ohio State and Michigan

Well never has that Rivalry been at a higher pitch than it will be Saturday afternoon in Columbus. Ohio. Ohio State and Michigan the only two remaining undefeated teams in the Polls.

The winner will definitely go to the BCS Championship game and the loser probably not. Were Ohio State to lose the Notre Dame Ass Kissers are waiting in the wings to claim Brady Quinn not Troy Smith deserves the Heisman Trophy. And with well over 90% of the Heisman voters WHITE guess who get the Heisman if Smith is anything less than Perfect. Saturday.

We’ll so far this season

Smith is Perfect

Here are Smith’s stats over 11 games so far this season with only the Big One remaining this regular season. 11 games, 170 of 256 passes, 2,191 yards, 26 TDs, 4 INTs; 58 carries, 221 yards, 1 TD. With a stellar performance Saturday Smith is in range of 2500 yards passing, 30 TDs and 300 yds running. That would be quite a performance but if you look at his last two games against Michigan don’t be all that surprised if he runs up those kinds of numbers. After 11 games Smith leads in all the Heisman Polls. One more game till the Final Poll !

We’ll know soon enough

Saturday afternoon

3PM Eastern Standard Time

12PM on the West Coast

but if you’re in Shanghai

4AM Sunday morning

no matter where it will

be worth watching

Ohio State and

Michigan and

Troy Smith

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