Calvin Brock Dreams Of Garden Party

Updated: November 10, 2006



What are you doing

Saturday evening

Calvin Brock is

going to a Party

Garden Party

he hopes

Brock’s idea of partying is to Rumble. In the Ring. So far he has enjoyed all these “parties.” 29 of them to be exact. Saturday evening at Madison Square Garden Calvin will either have the Party of his Life or if not have one Bad hang over from all that partying. As he battles Wladimir Klitschko for the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD. Or a part thereof.

You could actually call this Bout Saturday evening a SURPRISE Party for Brock for the very good reason he would have never gotten this opportunity at the lion’s share of the Heavyweight Crown which Klitschko owns right now anyway if any other the other 3 owners of smaller part of the Crown were willing to part with theirs by risking getting SMASHED in the face by Klitschko even for the odd chance they might actually prevail and grab his larger Crown. Sissies.

Saturday evening in the Garden – by the way with Muhammad Ali expected ringside there to see his daughter fight in the under-card – it will be Klitschko’s 241 pounds to Brock’s 224 1/2 pounds. It will be a traditional type match up Klitschko’s size and power versus Brock’s speed and agility. And Desire.

Wladimir has been speaking highly of Calvin to the media this week which for a Fighter is usually a sure sign he does not take his Opponent very seriously and expects to have an easy go of it. Except that those aspersions can often prove at odds with the real action in the Ring. Brock is a serious Challenger based on his own Championship type career and his skills. And Desire.

We could be fuddle you even bore you our dear audience with lots of details about Klitschko’s and Brock’s past victories, stories about their families, their favorite hobbies and foods BLABLABLA who cares go search the Internet you will find out everything even their favorite brand of sox if you care. Who cares.

We’ve provided all the entertaining information you need to know. Both these Boxers have the proven skills and experience that more than likely it will prove an ENTERTAINING Bout. With the Heavyweight Crown on the line there is built in suspense. If you happen to be from Kazakhstan and especially if you are not Black you can root for the home town champ. Wladimir.

If you aren’t even more if you are African American, most of all if you identify with the Challenger which most of us do you will thrill to the possibility that an Upset may take place before your very eyes from the comfort of your couch. And IF it happens you will feel you got your money’s worth for the $49.99 you paid HBO Pay for View and you will go to bed Saturday night HAPPY.

As for Klitschko

and Brock they’ll

go home with lots of

Money in their pockets

and they didn’t have to

pay to watch their Bout

their Garden Party

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