Break Out The Champagne Wow They’ll Be Two Black MLB Managers in 2007

Updated: November 11, 2006



For African Americans

it doesn’t change much

Small Victories are

the only kind

First of all it is Hip Hip Hooray for Ron Washington. NEW African American manager of the Texas Rangers. Which insures TWO and likely only TWO African American MLB Managers next season. We are prepared to be Surprise by others but we’re not Stupid. If we hold our breath all we’ll do is pass out.

Ron Washington adds to his own luster with the fact that he talked his way into the Rangers job. There are reasons to believe he may have not begun as the likely choice. But after interviews with the team owner and general manager they cut short their selection process deciding Washington is the Man.

Washington at 54 has been a long time Oakland A’s coach and did some brief minor league managing in n the 1990s to unimpressive results. But he gets very impressive results as a Communicator. It seems just about everyone who meets even more who know Washington are Impressed by what they hear.

Here is how Washington describes himself ..

“I’m going to be a players’ manager. My job is solely to make sure that every player on the Texas Rangers feels like they are part of everything going on here,” Washington said Monday night, when he was introduced at a news conference. “As a manager, I’m no good if the players don’t get it done. If the players get it done, I’m great.”

If you take into account most MLB managers fail meaning they fail to produce a team that wins the World Series or even a League Championship and rarely last more than 3 seasons – and that almost all of them are WHITE – the fact is there is no good formula for choosing managers – along with the obvious point the players have far more impact on the season results than the Manager.

What’s the Point …..

That NO matter how you slice it the overwhelming predominance of White Managers can not be justified on the only basis it could be that White Managers have far better records and championship records – while Black Managers are losers who never win championships – the only truth there is the truth of self-fulfilling prophesies – ONLY hire white managers and obviously only white managers will “produce” winning MLB teams.

Here is something else Washington said ….

“Keep it simple stupid, that’s my motto,” he said. “The way you do that, you make sure you’re prepared in the fundamental areas of baseball and let the talents take over.” Washington admits with clarity the managers role is minor. That in effect many managers do more bad than good thinking their actions decide the success ( or failure ) of their MLB team. Hardly.

It will be Fun to watch

Ron Washington manage

these Texas Rangers’

next season and

how far his style

takes his team

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