Bloody Sunday For Black NFL Quarterbacks

Updated: November 20, 2006



Yin Yang

for Black Quarterbacks

Saturday was Glorious

Troy Smith “winning”

the Heisman Trophy

then Sunday came


Injuries and losses made Sunday a devastating day for African Americans among the ranks of NFL Quarterbacks. Maybe their worst day ever. Which is a good sign in that “so many” Black QBs are playing. If not all that many.

No one ever said it would be easy for Black Quarterbacks and it isn’t. Worst of all right now for the Eagles Donovan McNabb and the Jaguars Byron Leftwich both sustaining season ending injuries that will put them under the Knife this week. And the future for both Questionable if not Bleak. Especially McNabb.

Sunday also saw a hopeful hint of the future not one but two Black Quarterback match-ups in NFL games. Atlanta vs. Baltimore, and Philadelphia vs. Tennessee. Again here disappointment in Michael Vick’s promise seeming to slip away. Maybe forever. As Atlanta falls to 5-5 and Vick’s play lethargic.

Over on the West Coast Seneca Wallace who has finally gotten his chance to start with the injury to Matt Hasselbeck earlier this season lost again. This time to San Francisco 20-14. It looks like he’ll go 2-3 as the replacement QB.

His great hope was to make Seahawks fans forget Hasselbeck but it is not happening well enough. Wallace will be relegated to back up once again in the next week or two and that may be his permanent fate in Seattle.

Back on the East Coast

Jason Campbell FINALLY got to play for Washington for the first time ever Sunday and as Starting Quarterback. While he acquitted himself well as the Redskins NEW Quarterback of the future still it was a LOSS for him and the Redskins if barely lowly Tampa Bay edging Washington 20-17.

The bitter sweet part of Philadelphia’s and Atlanta’s losses were victories for Baltimore Quarterback Steve McNair engineering the Ravens drubbing of the Falcons 24-10 further inspiring as a Black QB comeback story to energize McNabb and Leftwich maybe. In the Philadelphia – Tennessee game is was star rookie Vince Young at Quarterback for the Titans. Although his performance was mediocre mostly he did win impressively 31-13.

As for Byron Leftwich and the Jacksonville Jaguars

and Leftwich’s upcoming ankle operation

Leftwich may have a problem winning the Starting Quarterback job back from David Gerrard who for a white guy is considered more mobile than Leftwich. But we really have the White Quarterback syndrome at play. The unspoken “rule” we have identified in the Box again and again is “when you can find any excuse for using a White Quarterback over a Black QB use it.”

Which brings us back to Donovan McNabb

Of all the Black NFL Quarterbacks Sunday may have been the worst of all for McNabb. This is the second season in the last three an injury has ENDED his season with 6 games remaining. Now he might even be out for as much as a year into the 2007 season with a knee injury sustained on a rather uneventful play not a rattling tackle. The Eagles may well abandon him as both injury prone and getting old. McNabb’s prospects may be dim. We’ll see.

To end on a Bright Note

And there is only ONE

The post-season is looking very good for the Baltimore Ravens and Steve McNair. We’ll say it again a Comeback Story McNair being “dumped” by Tennessee and injuries. The Baltimore Ravens are 8-2 leading the AFC North Division by 3 games with 6 left to play. Whether they have the juice to make it to the SuperBowl is decidedly Questionable. But as the ONLY Black Quarterbacked team in the NFL that will make the 2006 Play-offs McNair is the 2006 Great Black Hope.

The Best News of all is

for the 2007 NFL season

Troy Smith will be added

to the ranks of Black

NFL Quarterbacks

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