Black Heroes White Goat In DC Sunday On The Gridiron

Updated: November 7, 2006



It’s already being discussed as

one of the most remarkable

Ending to a football game

EVER in NFL history

Washington vs. Dallas

this past Sunday

And it produced 2 Classic HEROES and a GOAT scenario. This game won by the Redskins AFTER the clock had run out. Really run out. Not one of those situation with 1 second left and a final play. The clock read 00:00. But the Redskins got one more play anyway. To their Delight.

What is so so good about this Hero & Goat story is that the Two Heroes are Black and the Goat White. Yes yes it would have been fine if it was the other way around (not really) but it wasn’t !

Sean Taylor Washington Free Safety and Troy Vincent Washington Defensive Back are the Heroes and Kyle Kosier Dallas Guard is the Bad Goat. They played the essential roles in the improbable ending. The winning Field Goal itself almost an after-thought to the dramatic action.

Here is how Washington Post

Columnist Thomas Boswell

described the play …

” One instant the Cowboys were lining up for a 35-yard game-winning field goal by Mike Vanderjagt, the most accurate kicker in NFL history, with just six seconds to play.”

” Then Troy Vincent, who had never blocked a kick in his career, smothered Vanderjagt’s attempt when it had barely left his foot. Next, Sean Taylor returned the kick 30 yards, reversing his field, terrifying the Cowboys and sending the crowd of 90,250 from a roar to a subsonic boom. Finally, Cowboys guard Kyle Kosier was called for a 15-yard face-mask penalty against Taylor, moving the ball to the Dallas 29-yard line. Suddenly, because a game can’t end on a defensive penalty, the Redskins were awarded an extra play even though the clock read :00. So Nick Novak, who’d been the goat when he missed from 49 yards with 31 seconds to play, suddenly found himself the hero as he kicked a 47-yarder to win the game. ”

“Gosh, I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced anything like that,” said a genuinely stunned and ecstatic Gibbs. “I’ve never seen a finish like that, needless to say. . . . I don’t know whether I came back [to coaching] for stuff like that or not. I’m about shot. I may not make it through the night.”

That’s how it happened.

Defensive End Troy Vincent who had never blocked a Field Goal in his career did. Then Sean Taylor picked up the ball as ot dribbled down the field and did an amazing zig zag 30 yard run. Then to be grabbed by the Face Mask by Dallas Guard Kyle Kosier earning a 15 yard penalty putting the football on the Dallas 29 yard line with no time left but with the fact a game can NOT end on as defensive penalty, allowing one more play by the Redskins which they used perfectly to kick a 47 yard Field Goal and WIN a Big Victory. Big Loss for Dallas.

NO blocked Field Goal

by Troy Vincent and

NO big run back

by Sean Taylor and

NO face mask penalty

by Kyle Kosier then

NO Victory for

Washington in

regulation play

the final score

Washington 22 – Dallas 19

and it’s all in

Black & White

Black Heroes

White Goat

The End

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