A Story You Won’t See Anywhere Else But To Make Our Point Here It Is

Updated: November 12, 2006



Guaranteed you have never

heard of Kevin Smith

( this Kevin Smith )

unless maybe if

you live in the

Tampa Bay or

St. Petersburg

area of Florida

probably never will

Again that’s too bad


be more important

than you think

To say very few people know of his recent promotion is an under-statement. Certainly no one unfamiliar with the St. Petersburg/Clearwater Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Smith’s family and friends would. And in today’s world one definition of Obscurity is drawing a blank on a Goggle search. Other than local note in a very few places of his new appointment you will find ABSOLUTELY nothing about Kevin Smith on the Internet. As for an image search. Don’t bother.

So why do we care in the Box

because you should

Kevin Smith has just been named the Sports Commissioner of the St. Petersburg/Clearwater Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. The first African American anywhere in Florida to hold such a post. And one of very very few across the Land ever to do so. Well guess what. Being SPORTS Commissioner in St. Petersburg in the scheme of things is FAR more important than even being a leading Black NFL Quarterback. Or the super-star of an NBA team. Why ?

Because OFF the field success in Sports

is where the REAL action is

being a DECISION maker

We probably could have waited a few days and actually reached Smith and had some first person material in this Box. We’ll maybe we will. But we are making a different point here. This Box is about Kevin Smith but in a different way. Kevin Smith as a SYMBOL. He shouldn’t mind. A SYMBOL of Good & Bad.

GOOD in that this African American has risen to the most important position in a body that plays a significant role in sports in a major metropolitan area in the prominent state of Florida. BAD in that it is little noted WORSE in that there are so few “Kevin Smiths” in similar positions. We’re sending Kevin Smith this Black Box as our way of congratulating him. WHY DON’T YOU by sending him a brief email congratulating him and making him feel good to be recognized.

Kevin Smith’s email address …..


Here is the ONLY story it appears

in the Tampa Bay Business Journal

Wednesday, October 8, 2006

St. Pete/Clearwater CVB hires new sports commissioner Tampa Bay Business Journal – 5:41 PM EST Wednesday

The St. Petersburg/Clearwater Area Convention & Visitors Bureau has named Kevin Smith as the sports commissioner for the St. Petersburg/Clearwater Area Sports Commission.

Smith becomes the first African-American sports commissioner in Florida, said Carole Ketterhagen, executive director, in a release. Smith has 19 years of Tampa Bay area sports experience. In 1999, he helped form the CVB’s Sports Commission when he became the commission’s first sales manager.

Major events he has worked on include the Outback Bowl Game, Outback Bowl Beach Day and Super Bowl XXXV. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors and Team Selection Committee for the Outback Bowl. He is a 1985 graduate of Flagler College in St. Augustine, the release said.

A department of the CVB, the Sports Commission is the official sports marketing and management organization for Pinellas County. It annually generates more than $17 million in direct economic impact and provides more than $1 million in sales tax revenue to the community by hosting and promoting professional, collegiate, amateur and youth sports training and tournaments.



Commissioner Kevin Smith

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