Young Tiger Makes Name For Himself In Playoffs

Updated: October 13, 2006



Until the Post-Season

Curtis Granderson

was most often noted

for his 174 Strike Outs

during the Regular Season

Nobody is talking about his Whiffs any more. Not against the Yankees last week or Oakland this week. It is Granderson’s Slugging that has taken Center Stage for Detroit’s Center Fielder.

Curtis Granderson is one of that small band of YOUNG African Americans in the Major Leagues with BRIGHT futures. 2006 was his first full season in the Majors and he played virtually every game for the Tigers this season. Appearing in 159. While his stats were not great they were good and Curtis displayed the Promise that will make him a Major Leaguer for years to come.

His 2006 stats are 596 at bats, 155 hits, 31 doubles, 9 triples, 19 HomeRuns 68 RBIs,. 8 stolen bases, .260 batting average and yes those 174 Strike-outs. It sure looks like Curtis LOVES the Road. At home he batted .176, but on the road a whopping .375. And get this in day games he batted .444 and at night .125. You do not want to be play against him in day light when Detroit is on the road

So far in the Play Offs he has been awesome

day or night home or away

leading off for Detroit

After doing a job on the Yankees, in the first 2 games of the American League Championship Series Granderson, leading off, is batting .400 with 10 at bats, 4 hits, 1 double, 1 HomeRun and 1 stolen base. There are no Stats about how well he plays in the SNOW as that may be his next order of business as the Tigers return to Detroit for Game 3. Thursday during practice those were show showers whirling around Tiger Stadium and all the players had their winter gear.

In the long run 26 year old African American Curtis Granderson should have many Championship seasons ahead of him. While he hasn’t produced a long Bio yet to fill a wordy Box about him, nor produced any spectacular episodes in his career as we relate over and over again Black players who have outstanding careers without reaching SuperStar status is where the future really lies if African Americans are to “return” to Baseball in large numbers. As they once did.

There is no reason to believe Granderson would have been an outstanding football player or basketball star had he not chosen Baseball. The fact is BASEBALL is his Sports. Likewise there are thousands upon thousands ……

……… of young African American boys who will NEVER make it Big as football or basketball players but might well in Baseball but NEVER give Baseball that chance in their lives and so NEVER become the professional athletes they might with successful careers, financial security, having the time of their lives.

So when Detroit takes the Field

late Friday afternoon maybe

in the middle of a snow storm

( just kidding ?? )

keep your eyes on

Curtis Granderson

think of him as

the Future of

Black Baseball

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