What Joy In Black Detroit

Updated: October 8, 2006



There may not be

an abundance of

African American players

on the Detroit Tigers

but there are Some

Good Ones !!

there may not have been many

Black fans in the Stands

but there were Some

Still Detroit City

is a Black City

And on televisions across Black Detroit the Tigers BEATING the New York Yankees and advancing to the American League Championship Series was the main order of business everywhere EVERYWHERE in Detroit City.

Hallelujah DETROIT for smashing the Evil Yankees. George Steinbrenner can BUY any player he wants such as Alex Rodriguez but for the 5th year on a row the AL East Division Champions have FALLEN to a team with far more Heart & Soul. Not the Heartless Machine that is the New York Yankees.

There is Joy in the World

if not in YankeeLand

Isn’t Sports Great as imperfect as they may be as we chronicle only too well at BASN and in the Box. Still those who don’t understand or worse hate Sports too bad for them. They are missing the Human Drama played out on a Field of Dreams day after day after day, sports after sport after sport, all year round.

The message that comes through whenever the Bad Guys lost. Whenever the Power Guys and their Belligerent Ridiculous Old Owner get beaten emotionally we learn again and again the Jerks can Lose no matter how much Muscle they have on their Side. That is a Message that African Americans in Sports must always live for. Overcoming all those Evil Forces.

There was certainly Celebrating

late onto the night in

Detroit City

For sure in the elegant Downtown High Rises and the Tiny Suburbs but just as much MORE in all the other many neighborhoods in and around Detroit that are predominantly Black. The Joy that “your” team winning brings even though there is absolutely ABSOLUTELY nothing of material value fans gain …

…. is measurable none the less even more measurable if only in the momentary diversion from the painful and the humdrum but much more emotional stimulation that does sustain us and often plays a part in our own ability to overcome adversity, the bad odds life has dealt so many.

Right now Detroit and environs is being staggered by the collapse of the American automotive industry and other economic woes but something as “meaningless” as the local team beating the Odds can collectively make the entire City and beyond Black and white see they can do the Same.

We don’t need to name names in this Box. Pick out the African American players on the Tigers who contributed to their current success. We don’t have to recount the scores or big plays. Others will do that all over the Media.

This is not about

naming names

We’re here to address

Larger Themes Today

an entire city is

Delirious Today


THEIR Team beat

the Monstrous

New York Yankees


Black Detroit City

you deserve it

All Hail Sports

where Life is

played Out

Ode to Joy

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