They’re Back Message Gate Did McNabb Really Text Message Owens

Updated: October 6, 2006



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does anyone care

well we sure do

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The fact that Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens are FEUDING again even if they claim they are not is Big News because this FEUD is destined to go on forever. Even If it’s really a Conspiracy invented by Sports Journalists.

( certainly not us )

Just in case Katie Kuric does not lead with the Story on her high priced news show tonight you can look to us for the Skinny. Donovan McNabb claims he immediately Text Messaged Terrell Owens with his concern when he learned of Terrell’s non-suicide attempt last week. Owens claimed he never got a Text Message from McNabb. Why is this Important even if you think it isn’t.

Because it goes to the issue of Integrity and whether McNabb or Owens is the actual Bad Guy in their long simmering Feud. Think about it. IF it is proven McNabb sent the Text Message but Owens is LYING about not receiving it ! OR the reverse McNabb is LYING about ever sending a Text Message.

IF Owens is LYING to make McNabb seem like a Liar and insincere WELL why believe anything Owens has ever said about McNabb. Just as WELL IF if it is McNabb Lying here WHY believe anything he has ever said about Owens.

So it really does matter


Since it does it may prove just how correct President Bush is in trying to find ways to get around the law and the U.S. Constitution to tap phones and seize phone records without having to waste Valuable Time seeking subpoenas from Federal Judges some a few anyway who are known Constitutional Sympathizers.

Take this Case

While W’s actions might be motivated by seeing a Terrorist behind every Cell Phone his initiatives to Shred the Constitution has Real Value even in Sports as McNabb and Owens are proving.

WHY should we possibly NEVER knows whether Owens or McNabb is LYING about the Text Message when with the Proper Authorization President Bush can pick up his own Cell Phone find out who McNabb and Owens get their Cell Service from and SIMPLY and Secretly of course seize their call records. We would know instantly whether McNabb or Owens is a LIAR.

And we could know Before …

Sunday’s BIG BIG Philadelphia vs. Dallas game. Think about it. How much different the game would be to watch IF we know whether McNabb or Owens was a LIAR and has been trying to DESTROY the others reputation.

It would add ….

A whole other level of Excitement to the Game. Even more either the entire Eagles team or the entire Cowboys team – depending on who was telling the Truth – would be outraged incensed by the fact their teammate had been Wronged. The ferocity of play would be unbelievable.

What a Game

so next time any of you

Bleeding Heart Liberals

try hiding behind

some very outdated view of

the Constitution and Bill of Rights


if President Bush had ALL the Power

he wants to Grab

it has value even far beyond

Persecuting Muslims

it could effect something

more important

the outcome of

Sunday’s game even

the 2006 NFL season

Liar Liar

Pants on Fire

Mr. President

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