They Serve Who Wait Seneca Wallace & Charlie Batch Get To Play

Updated: October 24, 2006



There are those

Few Starting Black NFL Quarterbacks

we get to watch week after week

and then there are the Others like

Seneca Wallace & Charlie Batch

who WAIT and WAIT

on the Sidelines

Both Seattle’s Seneca Wallace and Pittsburgh’s Charlie Batch got to see action Sunday as the result of injuries during their games last Sunday to the Seahawks’ Matt Hasselbeck and the Steelers Ben Roethlisberger. Now Seneca Wallace will definitely Start next Sunday for Seattle, maybe Charlie Batch for Pittsburgh.

Both Talented Quarterbacks but in the NFL “system” their only chance to play is hoping praying the Starting QB they back up gets injured. It is a frustrating job if not Absurd. There is no other position in which you don’t see any substitutions during games. But when it comes to QB nothing dislodges the Starter other than a severe injury. The team can be losing 56-0 with 2 minutes left in the game and expect to see the Starting Quarterback out their to call the Signals. Preventing the Backup from getting some experience in real game situations.

A perfect example was last Sunday and that wacky QB situation with the Washington Redskins. Tell us something is not wrong with Head Coach Joe Gibbs when Washington is losing to Indianapolis 36-14 with 2 minutes left in the game and he refuses to let QB Jason Campbell get some playing time and leaves Mark Brunell in the game when it is lost. Doubly stupid that if Gibbs really believes so highly in Old Mark Brunell why risk injury in such a situation.

Back to Seneca Wallace and Charlie Batch

As a result of a knee injury suffered by Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck in the 3rd quarter against Minnesota, Hasselbeck is expected to miss the next 3- 4 games. Now some of the Seahawks pundits are already bellyaching how can Wallace possibly replace Hasselbeck.. Wallace has rarely played in 4 years. WELL WHOSE FAULT IS THAT. CERTAINLY NOT WALLACE’S ! Sunday Wallace threw 25 Passes in relief of Hasselbeck. That is almost as many as he has thrown up until Sunday in over the 3+ past years WAITING to play.

Now get this

this is too Zany to be true

but it is

These same “pundits” are complaining the Seahawks have SuperBowl aspirations this year but HOW can they get there with a Backup Quarterback who NEVER plays. Well isn’t that the Point. NFL owners and coaches construct supposedly great teams who are ONE Quarterback injury away from “disaster.” WHO WOULD RUN A BUSINESS THAT WAY ?? NOBODY ...

except NFL teams

guaranteed to get rich

no matter what they do

Since the Quarterback is the most important position on the Football Field. Obviously did I say OBVIOUSLY any team is going to have 2 or 3 Quarterbacks who can run the Offense effectively. That means at least giving the Backup if not 2 Backup Quarterbacks as much playing time as possible.

Or think of it another way. If Head Coaches have so little confidence in their Backup QBs even to put them in games where their team is either winning or losing by 3 TDs why even have they guys on the team at all. But that is what NFL teams do they NEVER give their Backup QBs playing time except if the Starting Quarterback is severely injured. Knocked out of the game.

Let’s move on to Pittsburgh

Steelers’ Starting QB Ben Roethlisberger suffered a serious motorcycle accident before the season followed by an emergency appendectomy. Roethlisberger needed some serious time to recuperate.

But even after Charlie Batch Quarterbacked the opening game of the 2006 season brilliantly and led Pittsburgh to victory still woozy Ben Roethlisberger was back at Starting Quarterback the following week leading Pittsburgh to a LOSS.

Then this past Sunday

Roethlisberger was knocked unconscious in the 3rd period against Atlanta. Charlie Batch came in to replace him and played heroically. Batch went 8-of-13 for 195 yards and 2 touchdowns. Almost as good in over a Quarter as Roethlisberger had been in 3 and Batch almost coming in cold and defeating the surging Falcons won in Overtime before Batch could get the Ball again.

Now get this even after

Charlie Batch played brilliantly both times he got the Ball replacing Roethlisberger this season. And even after Roethlisberger’s serious motorcycle accident, his appendectomy and now a serious head injury a concussion ….

And with Pittsburgh playing one of the worst teams in the NFL the Oakland Raiders next Sunday STILL Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowher is undecided about who will Start Sunday Roethlisberger or Charlie Batch.

How Absurd is that

about as Absurd as it gets


Save the NFL from itself

and let these talented

Black Quarterbacks


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