Testing Willie Randolph’s Baptism of Injuries

Updated: October 5, 2006



Now that he’s

the only African American

Manager left in MLB Baseball

Things aren’t getting any easier

for Willie Randolph

definitely not easier

Randolph is now right in the middle of his Post Season Baptism by Fire. You simply do not lose your two top starting pitchers just before the Post Season games get underway when it is far too late to do much about it except Panic. It never has happened before in anyone’s memory here at Black Athlete.

A team that seemed to be sailing toward the World Series with only blue skies ahead now overnight has the most questionable pitching staff of ALL the teams in the 2006 Post-Season. All 8 teams. So Willie Randolph who sat in the shadow of Joe Torre on the Evil Yankees’ Bench comes out into the Sunshine at Shea only to be hit in the stomach just as he was about to enjoy the Glory.

Well don’t fret yet

for Baseball’s only Black Manager

after Game One it is

Willie ONE the Demons ZERO

( not the Dodgers )

the Devilish Forces trying to ruin

Willie Randolph’s March

to the World Series

Willie and the Mets dodged a Bullet late Wednesday afternoon when they came from behind then pulled out a 6-5 Win over Los Angeles. If there ever was a situation in which losing Game One would have been Disastrous this is it. Had Rookie Pitcher John Maine not been up to opening the Post-Season when a year ago if he had suggested any such possibility to anyone even his own mother he would have been locked up to protect him from himself …….

Had he NOT been up to the Challenge and had the Mets lost Game One with their 2 top pitchers OUT for the duration there is NO way the Mets would have come back more so since they opened at Home. The real credit has to go to Willie Randolph more that the bats, gloves and pitches.

The Manager CEO if you prefer is inevitably the Key Leader in as crisis situation since no one else can rally a team or company when they have experienced a devastating crisis. Randolph must hold the entire team “together” and he has for the All Important First Game. That game might define the entire post-season for the Mets even if they survive to claim the World Series.

The New York Mets

still have challenges

Galore ahead

Operating without their 2 Aces. In fact IF they do not win Game #2 which they must as much as Game #1 this again at Home their prospects will turn Dim again heading to Los Angeles for 3 games on Alien Territory. These Mets need to win the first 2 go to DodgerLand ahead 2 games to none to put this Demon to rest until the National League Championship to follow and once again the Mets being at a BIG disadvantage with Martinez and Hernandez Out Cold.

The real point of writing about Willie again after doing so only a week ago in the Box and more Ink than he would normally get 2 Boxes so close is because his entire world has changed in a week literally based on the fact Baseball is his world and when the 2 Pitchers who would have been at the top of the rotation in the Post Season, in the First Round, then the National League Championship then the World Series are GONE that is something worth talking about.

It takes the matter

beyond Baseball

Sports completely

Directly into the Themes that Sports symbolize and why they are so seductive to every society wherever they are, whether in the past, present or future. Sports mimics life transcends life is life. So that when two competing life situations clash head on it is WOW. Willie both entering his first post-season DREAMING World Series and Ticker Tape Parade at the very same time facing the Biggest Crisis of his brief managerial experience. And the two matters are inseparable.

If Willie and the Mets succumb to the Crisis they will end their season on a very bitter note and wonder can they ever return to their 2006 form especially Willie most of all. Thinking maybe just maybe he hit his High Note as a Manager at the end of the 2006 regular season. Art the same time ….

IF Willie and the Mets Transcend this Crisis throughout the Post Season as they did in Game One well then while Willie will never say so publicly or even privately wining without 2 Key Pitchers will make for a Greater Triumphant a Highest Accomplishment than had Martinez and Hernandez been healthy.

And so it goes

the Eternal Wheel of

Birth Death Rebirth

goes on and on

Thursday night when

the Mets battle the Dodgers

again you will have

a front row seat for

IF you Watch

this Real Life Drama

disguised as Sports

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