Shell Game Living With Failure Week After Week

Updated: October 20, 2006



Things seemed so Hopeful

during the Pre – Season

Art Shell’s Raiders

started off 4-0

then it all


now there is talk

of Oakland Going

0 – 16

Maybe Art Shell should have said “been there done that” when Old Al Davis asked him to come back and head coach the Oakland Raiders one more time. Because now Art Shell is in a World of Trouble. HIS Raiders have the worst record in the NFL and are the only team Win-less. OUCH.

Word is that Shell gets very upset when reporters and others ask him about the possibility of going Win-less all season 0-16. Surprise who wouldn’t get Upset. Especially when there are still 11 games to play. Still ….

The Raiders are Bad and not in a good way. They are Bad Bad. Actually after this Sunday we will know exactly how BAD the Raiders are. At home they are playing the almost as Bad Arizona Cardinals. So it’s the 0-5 Raiders vs. the 1-5 Cardinals. IF Oakland wins somehow it’s a Double Victory. Not only will they no longer be Win-less but they won’t even have the worst record in the NFL.

By the way to add some more insult here. The Raiders are carrying a 6 game Losing Streak to end the 2005 season. And Art Shell wasn’t even with Oakland. Regardless they’ve lost 11 straight over 2 seasons. Too bad for Art Shell.

Shell should find a way to convince his Hapless Raiders to play as if it were the SuperBowl Sunday. Because after Lowly Arizona, the Raiders face Pittsburgh, Seattle, Denver, Kansas City and San Diego. That spells Trouble.

After that Spell Oakland could be 0-11. At that point the phase “when all hope is lost” enters the Raiders vocabulary with 5 games after that. So what’s wrong with the Raiders. Everything. The Cynics will tell you that is the only reason African American Art Shell got the Job. That is probably not the Whole Truth.

Maybe Art Shell should ask himself what would the Other Art with a very similar name do. That’s Art Bell well know radio personality who specializes in the extra-terrestrial, ghosts, witches and the like. Also a big football fan on the side. More than likely had Al Davis turned to Art Bell mixing him up with Art Shell, at Davis’ advanced age and advancing senility, Art Bell would not worry about the quality of his players or his coaching staff or anything like that.

NO Art Bell would turn to the Supernatural and the Occult looking for answers to the Raiders Malaise. Or turn to his frequent guest who believes there are huge miraculous faces on the the surface of Mars looking down upon Earth made by super-intelligent creatures living below the surface. Or something like that.

Anyway Art Bell would try to communicate with them on Mars and use their advanced intelligence to make up a game plan for the Raiders to win every week and finish the season 11-5 make it to the Play-offs confound all the other teams and go on to WIN the SuperBowl.

Art Shell go

call Art Bell

what have you

got to Lose !

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