New Book Will Hail Jim Brown Once Again

Updated: October 16, 2006



He lives in a rarefied environment

always did always will now

another author will proclaim

Jim Brown stands alone

the greatest football

player ever

There have been books, movies, endless stories now again Syracuse University and Cleveland Browns’ Jim Brown will be center stage as the Holiday book buying season approaches with a new work by Sportswriter Mike Freeman.

Who is Mike Freeman

if you don’t know

compliments of

his publisher

“Mike Freeman is a national columnist for CBS SportsLine. He has previously worked for the Florida Times-Union, New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, and Dallas Morning News. Freeman is the author of two other books including Bloody Sundays, which was a New York Times Notable Book. In 2006 he became one of only a handful of writers ever to win three Associated Press Sports Editors top-ten writing awards in one year.”

Mike Freeman is African American

if you didn’t know

Freeman has been around as youthful as he still is and a certain amount of controversy has followed him. His bio may not be as straight forward as his publisher writes. He has worked for many of the top journals in the land as you read above. He was also fired early on by the Indianapolis Star for claiming he graduated from college when he didn’t. Except for the lie his lack of educational credentials makes him that much more impressive.

Freeman is the author of two previous books neither memorable. Clearly it is this new book “Jim Brown The Fierce Life Of An American Hero” that it is most likely to define Freeman’s career so far. Also recently notably in one of his most recent columns he slammed into University of Florida head coach Urban Meyer for pulling Star Quarterback Chris Leak at crucial moments this season in favor of a Freshman and ruining Leak’s chance at the Heisman.

Mike Freeman is not known

for holding back or

Kissing Ass

Which should result in a no holes barred biography of Jim Brown that might well out distance previous volumes on the Great Brown. It appears Freeman’s goal is to explore all the intensity of Brown’s entire life on and off the Gridiron with all of those episodes cementing the Legend and leaving no doubt that Jim Brown now 70 was and is in a category only inhabited by him.

Freeman’s publisher HarperCollins is obviously high on the new book. They are coming out of the gate with a printing of 50,000 copies and they have timed the release for the all important Christmas selling season. His publisher is thinking Best Seller it sure seems. Jim Brown is a good subject and for unexplainable reasons right now is a good time to highlight him with a new book.

We’ll know soon enough

if Mike Freeman has

written the definitive

biography of

Jim Brown

it certainly sounds

like it should be

a Good Read

go pre-order

it now.

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