‘Moneyball’ Comes To Football and It’s Good For Black Players Maybe…

Updated: October 17, 2006



The Buzz has Begun

“Moneyball” author

Michael Lewis

Who revolutionized the understands of the changes taking place in Baseball has now turned his imaginative focus to Football. Not surprising certainly logical. As we’ve been noting in the Box NFL Football was long overdue to get the analytic message MLB Baseball got awhile ago. That changed the Sport. There is far more to creating an outstanding team than relying on scouting reports.

It’s All About


and understanding them

Rather simple notions such as appreciating what an impact a player’s ability to get on base consistently however they did it could have far more value in creating a winning team than some muscle man who hits crowd pleasing HomeRuns but little else. So why hasn’t Football taken a closer look at who on the Gridiron contributes the most to winning games basing it on statistical evidence.

Well Football is starting to do just that

as Michael Lewis’ new book details

“The Blind Side: Evolution Of A Game”

In the new book he focuses on the growing appreciation of one long little noticed position as being a MAJOR factor in team success. That position is Left Tackle. Making the point did you know who was the 3rd most highly paid player in the NFL right behind two big name Quarterbacks ? Right behind Atlanta QB Michael Vick and Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck is Los Angeles Rams Left Tackle Orlando Pace who clocked in at $18 Million and right behind him Seattle Seahawks Left Tackle Walter Jones making $17.7 Million last season.

Surprised ??

You should and shouldn’t be

there is NO statistic for them

in the Box Scores and worse

their Stats are NOT included

in Fantasy Football games

Why Left Tackle specifically. It is deceptively simple once it is noted. Because almost all Quarterbacks are Right Handed and the Left Tackle blocks the side of the Field for the QB that he normally does not see and so is Defenseless against Defense Men who are coming at him. The Left Tackle when they do an outstanding job provide the QB the time to do his job.

And when the QB does his job

the team more often WINS

All this is chronicled in detail with lots of “color” by Lewis using his engaging “Moneyball” style. Inherent in the new book is the message which the increased appreciation of Left Tackles born of careful STATISTICAL analysis ……

……… has for ALL of Football. Analyzing in far more detail every position based on numbers what each position contributes to success and how well the individual players are REALLY doing at each position.

All this is good for African Americans who largely fill these traditionally “lesser” positions such as Left Tackle which will now mean far better Compensation for those who prove their worth at these Line positions based on fuller and better statistical review of their play in games and a season.

Now here is the very disappointing

side to Michael Lewis insights

Also proven in carefully analyzing the importance of the Left Tackle position is the further documentation that HEAVIER Left Tackles are better. The more over 300 lbs. a Left Tackle is the Better. Assume the logical that the proof that FAT is good statistically at Left Tackle will be proven just as surely for ALL Line positions. What coaches believed to be true from their own instinctive review of games now has the POWER of statistics to prove it emphatically.

This is highlighted painfully “well”

by the story of Michael Oher

included in the book

Michael Oher was a teenager living in a foster home with a reported IQ of 80. His life was turned around when he was adopted and he began concentrating on Football. That’s right playing Left Tackle. He proved fabulous at the position and began getting lots of attention by college scouts. More so since the view was evolving of the importance of the Left Tackle for any football team.

Today still barely 20 Oher is a Sophomore starting at Left Tackle for the University of Mississippi and in a year or two guaranteed he will be a First Round choice in the 2008 or 2009 NFL Draft. He might be the First Pick in the Draft with the growing value of Left Tackles made more so by Lewis’ new book.

So what is the Problem ?

Michael Oher who just

turned 20 already weights

between 330-350 lbs.

think that’s a Good Weight

for a Twenty Year Old

for Anyone how about

for your own children

Moneyball or no

$$$$$ Ball

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