Jeter And ARod: A Tale of Two Cities

By Jerald LeVon Hoover
Updated: October 9, 2006

NEW YORK – Question: What’s the difference between New York Yankee shortstop and captain, Derek Jeter and his teammate, third baseman Alex (ARod) Rodriguez? Answer: Plenty! Aside from the fact that both stand 6-feet-3 inches tall and are blessed with movie star looks and together are worth more in money than most third world countries put together.

Jeter was endowed with a 189,000,00.00 dollar salary just a season or two after ARod was force fed 252,000,000.00 by Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks. A-Rod collected 25,682,727 million this season while Jeter pulled in a stunning 20,600,000.00. Not bad money if you can hack it.

But, being multi millionaires several times over doesn’t necessarily mean that all is well. With the money being said, here is where their similarities become different.

For instance, ARod is like a squeaky clean and shiny bathtub. No rings! While Jeter has four and counting. Jeter seems to know just what to say to the media while ARod continues to shove his foot into his mouth.

Case in point, in 2001 when ARod (while with the Rangers) was being interviewed by Esquire Magazine, he foolishly ranted and raved about how much Jeter was a non factor in the batting line up and how opposing teams did not fear Jeter and that Bernie Williams, Paul O’Neil and a few others are who other teams worried about.

The amazing thing about those quotes was that they came at a time when the entire baseball world was in awe of the friendship that Jeter and ARod supposedly had. With friends like that, who would need an enemy?

Jeter could be nicknamed, Mr. October (well, not after the last Detroit Tigers series…but again he does have FOUR rings and nine straight Division Championships under his belt) for being the Major Leagues all time leader in post season hits. He batted over 400 for the series against the Tigers.

ARod who batted and ice cold .091 for the series seems to come up midget size whenever the pressure is on. Sure the lost to the Tigers wasn’t just A-Rod’s fault and hitting machine second year and All-Star second baseman Robinson Cano batted the same average as ARod.

This is after finishing third in the American League batting race with a .342 average. But, ARod is being paid to produce while Cano still wet behind the ears in certain aspects is making a paltry 381,000.

Jeter is generally well liked by his teammates and even opponents for that matter. ARod seems to rub both teammates and foes the wrong way. And to think that he is constantly booed by the fans in Yankee Stadium after putting up over averaging over 35 homers and over 110 RBI’s since migrating from Texas is quite telling.

You give Cano or Jeter for that matter those same numbers and they’d be enshrined into Cooperstown even before their playing careers are over.

There are several fans, media and even those that are in the inner circle of the Yankees that feel that A-Rod’s only real chance of redemption would be to flee the Bronx like an innocent fugitive.

But, ARod has a blanket no-trade clause in his contract and with the expected firing of Yankee manager Joe Torre coming any day and his replacement reportedly being Lou Pinella who is a HUGE ARod fan, things can be interesting in the Yankee locker-room for seasons to come.

After all, ARod is only approaching years five of his 10-year contract. Stay tuned.