Heisman Dreamin’ Could We See 2 African American Quarterbacks In A Row Win The Trophy

Updated: October 27, 2006



Over the next year we could witness

another milestone in the continuing rise

of the African American Quarterback

the possibility of Black Quarterbacks

winning Heisman in 2006 &2007

Right now Ohio State Quarterback Troy Smith is cruising toward the 2006 Heisman in December. But standing between then and now are 4 games, the potential of a serious injury and all the Notre Dame Ass Kissers who will try to find some way to vote White QB Brady Quinn the 2006 Heisman.

There there is someone

not even on the 2006

Heisman List who may

dominate in 2007

West Virginia Sophomore Quarterback Pat White. Possibly to be proven even better than Troy Smith in another year. Having a spectacular year now leading West Virginia all the way up to #4 in the latest AP Poll.

Right now Ohio State led by Troy Smith is 8-0 with those 4 regular season games ahead. Only one of them “should” be a real test. And what a test their 12th game of the season against currently #2 ranked Michigan. Which means if both remain undefeated until November 18th on November 18th one of them is likely to tumble out of contention for the National Championship.

As for West Virginia led by Pat White they are 7-0 with 5 games remaining and a bye this week to rest up for their Big Challenge which happens in a week against #6 ranked Louisville likewise 7-0. If West Virginia and Pat White pass that test it should be clear sailing to their own 12-0 season.

Which means if you think about it

if both go 12-0 this season

the ONLY thing standing


Ohio State & West Virginia

playing for the National Championship

is the University of Southern California

If Ohio State and West Virginia finish #1 and #2 respectively then Troy Smith gets the Heisman for sure and the Championship Game in Tempe, Arizona in January features then current Heisman winner Troy Smith and prospective 2007 Heisman winner Pat White. How much better can it get.

Enough is being said about

Troy Smith already

including in the Box

and far too little about

Pat White so far


Begin with the fact that Pat White chose West Virginia because every major college was recruiting him but they ALL except West Virginia wanted him to switch to Wide Receiver even though he had become a legendary high school Quarterback and had been playing QB since he first picked up a football. THE BACK DOOR RACISTS LOST WHEN WHITE REFUSED TO BUY INTO THEIR BULLSHIT AND CHOSE WEST VIRGINIA.

And he made the RIGHT choice

let’s quote from our prescient

( look it up if you have to )

Black Box from almost

a year ago about White

January 7, 2006

” While all eyes were on Texas Wednesday night a remarkable Bowl Game took place Monday night after Ohio State’s stirring defining win over the Notre Dame Irish which featured another Top Black QB Buckeye Troy Smith. After which the Sugar Bowl presented 2 African American Quarterbacks. The only Major Bowl Game to do so. Georgia’s DJ Shockley and West Virginia’s Pat White.”

” Georgia ranked #8 was expected to have an very easy time with West Virginia #11. But it did not turn out that way as the Mountaineers upset the Bulldogs 38-35 by devastating Georgia building up a 28-0 lead early in the game Georgia could not overcome. Although Georgia QB JD Shockley almost pulled it off. ”

More remarkable than the score or the upset was the first look for most of America of West Virginia’s Freshman African American Quarterback Pat White. Who put on a dazzling show of passing, running and most of all Leadership.

And that Black Box continued ….

” White’s story if anything might be more Astonishing. In that he is a Freshman and did not get his first start until the Mountaineers 8th game this season and then led them flawlessly for 5 games to the Sugar Bowl and their win over Georgia.”

” When a Quarterback displays White’s talent, skills, drive, unstoppable energy both throwing and running the Ball as Freshman the Future of college football for the next few years needs to be reevaluated with Pat White as a major factor and we are left to wonder and wonder some more just how Good White may become with another 2 or 3 years of college ball.”

“For starters his name has to be added to the very early preliminary Heisman Lists for 2006 even though he will only be a Sophomore next year. Even though no Sophomore has ever won the Trophy. And more over West Virginia’s potential in 2006 to make itself a Top 10 team and even make a run for the National Title must be considered factoring in that the Mountaineers might have the Best Quarterback in the NCAA next season. ”

Yes this is High Praise

for a Freshman Quarterback

who emerged out of Nowhere

That’s what we said back then

we are so SMART in the Box

and as we pointed out

White isn’t in the running

for the 2006 Heisman

because this season

“only” a Sophomore

and NO Sophomore

has ever won so wait

until next year

TWO Black Heismans

in a Row at Quarterback

wouldn’t that be Something !

( you heard it here first )

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