Dual Role: A Success Plan For Student-Athletes

By Tony McClean
Updated: October 28, 2006

NEW HAVEN, Ct. — Believe it or not, author Elwood Scales III knows what you’re thinking. You see the ugly brawl between Miami and Florida International football players and you think most college athletes are just “troublemakers who can’t do anything but play sports”.

You think the term “student-athlete” is an outdated myth of days gone by. You see and read about the scandals on and off the field at Duke University, Duquesne University, and other various schools around the country and think it’s the norm.

“The ‘dumb jock troublemaker’ syndrome is at an all-time high”, Scales added. “Despite the high tech society we live in, athletes are graduating from high school barely able to read or write”.

As a former “student-athlete” himself, Scales has first hand knowledge of the challenges of balancing academics and athletic participation. As an young African-American, he also knows how that balancing act can be interpreted within that community.

After working with and acting as a mentor to many youths for over a decade, the Delaware native still felt the need to contribute more to their futures. After some prodding by his wife, Scales decided to put his thoughts and ideas in a more scripted form.

In his book “Dual Role: A Success Plan For Student-Athletes”, Scales uses his own personal experiences and ideas as a powerful way to empower middle school, high school, and college students to be successful on and off the field.

While not making the process too simplistic, Scales provides an easy-to-follow program for success. A graduate from both Saint Leo University and Central Texas University, Scales dismisses many myths about “student-athletes” while also providing step-by-step guidelines to improves attitudes, academically and athletically.

Scales talks at length about his own upbringing and how it impacted and still impacts his life today. He credits his stint in the United States Air Force for provided him with the discipline and motivation that he lacked in his younger days.

Throughout the text, Scales implores common sense and several biblical scriptures as a source of motivation and as a way to emphasize his many points. “I realize that there is no one bona fide prescription for total success”, said Scales.

“However, I do feel in my heart that the Lord has placed it in my heart to write this book as a way to combat this problem. I truly feel that if you keep the Lord first and foremost in everything you do, you’ll be victorious in the end regardless of the sport or final score”.

Scales’ book offers practical information on such subjects as respecting officials, coaches and opponents; developing successful study habits; health and nutritional insights; and preparing for life after sports.

In putting this book together, Scales has tried to provide the necessary tools for future “student-athletes” to maximize their full potential regardless of age, gender or sport.

For any parent, coach, guardian, or mentor, Scales offers a powerful message that should not be forgotten. Given the current state and perception of college sports in this country, “Dual Role” is an important source of information that no prospective “student-athlete” should be without.

Scales adds, “Keep in mind that we control our own destiny in life and that winners aren’t born, they are self-made”.

NOTE: For more information on “Dual Role: A Success Plan For Student-Athletes”, you can contact the author, Elwood Scales III at es34u@msn.com.