Chris Leak’s ‘Agony’

Updated: October 9, 2006



No one will talk about it

especially Chris Leak

but he is Suffering

in an Agonizing

sort of Way

Chris Leak definitely is the Starting Quarterback for the 6-0 as of Sunday #2 in the AP Poll, Florida Gators, who IF they remain Undefeated along with the Ohio Buckeyes “should” play for the NCAA National Championship. Leak was even named Player of the Game in Florida’s impressive 23-10 win over LSU.

They leapt all the Way

up from #5 to #2

very unusual


How could things be Better

for Quarterback Chris Leak

They would be far far better IF a Freshman named Tim Tebow was not on the Team. Chris Leak will NEVER say that. Because of this Freshman Quarterback “phenom” who has already been proclaimed the Future of Gator Football for the next 3 years following this season and IF it were up to the Florida fans would have already replaced Chris Leak, because of Tebow ……..

It is almost as though Leak does not exist even as he has his Glory Season. Making things that much worse for Leak ,Coach Meyer has pulled Leak out of games this season at Critical Moments in favor of Tebow which just fires up the Florida Gator fans in the stands and on Florida talk radio that much more.

Get it straight

this is a very very

unusual situation

It is not completely unusual for a Freshman Quarterbacks to eclipse a Starting Senior. But it is ALWAYS because the team is doing poorly and/or the Starting QB is clearly a Problem. That is not the case here. Leak is on the verge of becoming the most productive Quarterback in University of Florida history by the end of this season surpassing the “legendary ” Gator QB Danny Wuerffel.

But it still doesn’t matter

Leak cannot shake Tim Tebow. Even with Chris Leak #5 or #6 on all the various all unofficial Heisman Trophy Watch lists still Chris Leak cannot shake Tim Tebow. In fact because of Tebow, Leak’s true Heisman prospects are being depressed both because his stature is diminished and because Tebow is playing in critical plays in which Leak could be scoring BIG Heisman points for himself.

Even Chris Leak’s potential NFL career by way of the 2007 NFL Draft is clearly being diminished because he is getting a rap as “inferior” to the QB who will replace him at the University of Florida even though there is NO statistical data to support it. Besides NO matter how good Tebow may prove why should that effect the reaction of NFL teams to Leak at all ? But it does !

It is even Worse

It is quite possible QUITE POSSIBLE Leak is only one poor performance from losing his Starting Quarterback job to Tebow. Nobody says that of course. But just as clearly Leak must play every game with that idea hanging over him.

Here’s a real Nightmare Scenario

for Chris Leak that should be

Impossible but isn’t

Chris Leak could lead the Gators to an Undefeated 12-0 season remaining the Starting Quarterback and still have to worry that Coach Urban Meyer might replace him with Tim Tebow or at least announce they will “share” QB responsibilities in the Big Game. In Tempe, Arizona in January.

Think that is Nonsense. Well the you clearly don’t really understand the situation at the University of Florida right now. And the Hype for Tebow at Leak’s expense for no Good (sic) Reason. Except One …

Now we did not raise

the issue of Racism

in the Box Headline

or even until now

in the Body

of the Box

But it is not easy to deny the fact that exists that WHITE Quarterbacks have an advantage over African Americans. Even today. In this case it may seem to be so well “hidden” that you couldn’t pry it loose with a crowbar. There are NO Racist finger prints that will be found that is UNLESS you apply …..

the virtual litmus test

we invented in the Box

which works so well

Does anyone that is ANYONE believe that if Senior Starting Champion Chris Leak was WHITE and Freshman Tim Tebow was BLACK that anyone would be clamoring for Tebow to replace the “great” Chris Leak, or that Leak would be pulled from games at important moments in favor of ‘Black’ Tebow.

Or that the stands would explore with Wild Cheering when Black Tebow would come on the Field to replace White Leak. Or that Florida sports talk radio would be criticizing Coach Meyer for keeping Leak in fort so long instead of giving Tim Tebow even more playing time than he is.

IF you believe

Chris Leak and

Tim Tebow would

be receiving the

Exact Same Treatment

they are right now

in Florida IF

there Skin Color

was Reversed

you are a Fool

a BIG Fool

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….