Black Manager “May” Replace Robinson in Washington

Updated: October 7, 2006



It is FAR from certain

but an African American

has emerged as a “leading”

candidate to replace

displaced Frank Robinson

Former Batting Champ, All Star and now Atlanta Braves Hitting Coach Terry Pendleton, 46, may be on the Short List to manage the Washington Nationals next season. While Baseball refuses to officially acknowledge it has a Problem with only ONE Black Manager remaining Willie Randolph – unofficially the Alarm Bells have gone off at MLB Headquarters ……

But let’s not get Carried Away

Bud Selig and the Boys don’t feel they have a REAL Problem but rather a PR Problem IF the rest of the Media begins to hammer them just as we are. We are in the Lead on many stories that then emerge BIG elsewhere. There is NO reason to have any Confidence in Baseball regarding Black Managers simply based on the fact there have been so few and they are doing nothing if any substance about the even large issue of African Americans in Baseball.

Big Deal

MLB has finally established one baseball camp for “minority” youth not even specifically for African American kids, in Compton, California. At the same time every single MLB team with the Commissioner’s enthusiastic encouragement is spending millions each year in the Dominican Republic and and few other Latin American countries looking for and then nurturing, training and paying young Latino baseball talent almost from the Cradle.

Yes let’s not forget what

Bud Selig does for African Americans

he hauls out Jackie Robinson’s corpse and

Old Rachel Robinson and her big smile

every April 15th to (dis) honor

Jackie Robinson telling the World

how much African Americans

mean to Baseball

The Reality is Bud’s SILENCE this week as 2 of 3 African American Managers got canned. The issue is not whether Frank Robinson or Dusty Baker deserved to be replaced. That may well be. The REAL issue is that Bud Selig did not in any way make a Public Statement alerting “his” 30 owners that at the very least they should interview African Americans for current and future openings.

Yes it’s a Bogus Gesture

as the NFL hs proven

with its Rooney Rule

But that makes the Point. As meaningless as it is “requiring” NFL teams to interview at least one Black candidate when they are hiring a new Head Coach – Baseball will not even adopt that Charade. Not because Baseball thinks t is an empty gesture but because they don’t want to deal with the Problem at all.

As for Terry Pendleton

let’s keep Hope Alive

What a Great Choice he would be fir the Nationals. First as an All Star player then as Coach with the Atlanta Braves Pendleton is given lots of credit for moving forward the teams he has been associated. He had 15 years of accumulated playing experience with St. Louis, Atlanta, Florida, Cincinnati and Kansas City and winning the NL Batting Championship in 1991 and being chosen the National League Most Valuable Player that same year.

As for Pendleton’s Coaching

It has all been with Atlanta. He has been the Braves Batting Coach the last 5 seasons since 2001, and was just rehired by the Braves for the 2007 season. Nationals GM Stan Kasten is very familiar with Pendleton as he was the Braves President while Pendleton was Atlanta’s 3rd Baseman.

This is not Terry Pendleton’s first trip on the Managerial Merry Go Round. Last year he was interviewed for the Manager position in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh but was not hired. And while Terry is in the Mix again now he still has not been interviewed by the Washington Nationals.

So make what you will

of the current situation

and don’t be surprised

IF Pendleton is not hired

and IF he is

that will be Wonderful

in its own way but

keep in mind that means

there would be all of TWO

African American Managers

for the 2007 Season

There is NO way

they’ll be Three

or just 10%

of 30


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