Baseball ‘Forever’ Yes Even For African Americans

Updated: October 20, 2006



This story was too good

even if we had to stretch

to find a Black angle to it

Actually not stretch too far. This is the Quintessential Example of just how far Baseball will go 1) to please its fan base, 2) make a Buck, and 3) when it really wants to that is. Imagine if Bud Selig went this far “afield” to attract African American players and African Americans in the Stands.

Say what ?

Stop the electronic presses. Major League Baseball has announced a partnership with a company Eternal Images to allow you to be buried or your ashes displayed if you prefer with your favorite Major League Baseball team Forever.

Well some teams anyway so far

( sorry Kansas City Royals fans )

If your team is the New York Yankees ( of course ), Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs or Los Angeles Dodgers your customized coffin, or the urn they will dump your ashes into, can be beautifully adorned with the logo and other images from your favorite team. 6 so far.

The rest will be added soon. As demand from the fans of the other teams is heard. Neither the Mets or Cardinals are on the List. But be assured if one of them becomes World Series Champs next week they will. No word if the new items will be displayed at the Baseball Gift Shop at They should.

Please give us the details Black Box

of course that’s what we do

Turns out the National Funeral Directors Association is holding their big annual convention this week in Philadelphia – they must be a fun group – and all the Excitement is about the new deal with Major League Baseball. The Undertakers are seeing Big Dollars flashing before their eyes. They are getting the first sneak preview in Philly of the new MLB urn. Sadly the MLB casket isn’t ready.

But all is not lost

the Motorcycle casket

is on display

( and exclusively pictured below )

Yes its not just Baseball soon ALL sports fans will have the opportunity to be buried or burned in the own sports urn if they like or put on display in it above the TV set for their family to enjoy. But right now Baseball is the new focus.

Displaying his eternal desire to

bring Blacks back to Baseball

Bud Selig should announce

a special limited edition

Jackie Robinson

casket & urn

Designed especially to appeal to African American fans. Selig can claim it is another example of his non-stop campaign to bring African Americans back to Baseball. What better than DEAD African Americans who Selig doesn’t have to worry about seeing on Major League teams displacing White or Latino players or African Americans who might attend games and God Forbid sit in the expensive seats where the television cameras will pick them up.

IF Bud Selig has not figured this out

for himself after reading

today’s Box he’ll know

how he can claim

even more credit

for bringing

African Americans

back to Baseball

now Eternally

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