Willie Willie Willie He’s The Toast of Baseball and NYC

Updated: September 22, 2006



First the Bad News

Willie Randolph

may be the only

African American

MLB Manager next season

The Very Good News now

He may well be so as

Champion of the World

of Major League Baseball

There are just 3 African American Managers left in the Majors. The other 2 manage the two teams with the 2 WORST records in the National League both buried in Last Place in their Divisions. It is not worth the odds of calculating either Frank Robinson of the Nationals or Dusty Baker of the Cubs surviving. The only serious question is which gets fired first. Maybe both together.

While far far away in Old New York City Willie Randolph is on top of the world higher than the World Trade Towers ever were. Randolph who languished in the Evil Yankees dugout for year after year while Dusty Baker and Frank Robinson were in their managerial glory. One more of the endless examples of how much things forever change. All it takes is Time. And Talent. And Luck.

As of the moment these key strokes are being struck the Mets share MLB’s best record with the Evil Yankees 92-60 which may be a precursor of another upcoming New York City World Series. Let’s hope not. It puts the rest of the country to sleep and produces the lowest ratings and interest.

Willie Randolph deserves better

or is it Better for his Reputation

he beats the team he left 2 years ago

Well let’s look at the other options. There are only 3. Oakland, Detroit or Minnesota. Let’s see. MInnesota vs. Mets. No thanks. Detroit vs. Mets. Maybe. Oakland vs. Mets. West Coat – East Coast. Might work. Still New York – New York under the circumstances may not be so bad. Even good.

But Willie’s still got to get there first. Let’s see. Mets vs,, St. Louis. Or Mets vs. West Coast. Either San Diego or Los Angeles. Mets vs. Philadelphia is that even a possibility. Somebody call Bud Selig please.

Whatever the Scenario

Willie Randolph will be

Manager of the Year

Whether it involves a New York Mets World Series Championship or not Willie has established his Credentials as a First Class MLB Manager. He could turn out to be the Mets Manager for a Decade. If not very very likely all those teams who passed him by earlier will line up for the Chance to hire him to manage their Crew. PLEASE Willie PLEASE Willie. Pick us. What a Difference.

Might as well even mention the Absurd Possibility some years hence Willie moves across town and becomes the Manager of the ( formerly evil ) New York Yankees. Imagine that. Willie Randolph even becoming the Most Celebrated Manager of the Era. An African American who up until 2 years ago his claim to fame or ignominy as you prefer is that Randolph had been interviewed for MLB Manager without ever getting an offer than anyone ever before him. Lots of frequent flyer miles.

Willie Randolph

another bright ray of Hope

along with Ryan Howard

and Dontrelle Willis

in an otherwise


Baseball Landscape

as the Black Box’s

6th year gets underway today


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