When Your Mother Is A ‘Famous’ Author Jamea Jackson’s Excellent Adventure At U.S. Open

Updated: September 2, 2006



Tournaments like

The U.S. Open

Are as much about Human Interest Stories as about Tennis. Make that more. Just in case there are a few Box readers who don’t get it ( unlikely you a very smart group ) if it was ONLY Tennis being marketed to all of us these events especially Tennis would attract minimal interest.

But the tournament organizers and especially the Sponsors and Broadcasters and the Media learned long ago – a few millions years ago – they are not selling Tennis here but rather a 2 week soap opera or if you prefer series of interesting vignettes about men and women who by the way play Tennis.

And it works

why shouldn’t it

When we are reading about and watching athletes who are so much more than Tennis Machines who constantly hit a little ball back and forth so fast often you can barely see it – when we are watching and reading about these young women and men we are really delving into their lives, their joys and pain, their likes and dislikes, their personalities and their FAMILIES. because you get all of that and more from the tournament, the sponsors, the media Us included.

which brings us to

Jamea Jackson and

her Mother the


While Jamea Jackson is slugging her way through the U.S. Open as the Leading Young African American Woman on the Tour helping us forget the Williams Sister ( unless Serena surprises everyone even with her ‘loose caboose’ as described by NY Times sports journalist Selena Roberts diminishing her game ) her mother Ruby Jeans Jackson is turning reporters’ heads prowling Flushing Meadows for some Ink for their next edition. Of Tennis Fever.

Seems Jamea’s mother is an accomplished author of sorts with her recently published memoirs as a flight attendant for Delta for 33 years. That is a long time so she’s got plenty to tell. And when Mrs. Jackson began her epic career in the Air way back in 1973 when flight attendant was called Stewardess and she was much much younger and there were NO men serving those drinks, and when Stewardess’ were Fair Game and the emphasis was on pleasing the male passengers not intimidating them into submission with surly stares ….


While Jamea is out there in the rain whacking that little ball around trying battling her way to Week Two when all the serious play takes place and a wee bit less emphasis on Off Court Doings for now anyway Mom is providing herself and Daughter Jamea extra attention she might not get Otherwise.

We probably should not even say this as we are trying for a very positive Human Interest Box today but in the name of Truth and Full Disclosure as of Friday “Flying High” is ranked # 30,705 on Amazons sales chart.

The good news is that some books in Amazons’ endless stock of titles are ranked hundreds of thousands of places lower than #30,705. We simply do not want to dwell on the fact 30,704 titles are selling more briskly at Amazon.

Especially since who knows

how high this book will Fly

after today’s Box

Here is one reader’s positive review ….

“I truly enjoyed the book Flying High by Ruby Jeans Jackson. If you ever wanted to know how a flight attendant lives on a daily basis and how they spend their free time when they aren’t flying high then this is the book for you. Jackson does an excellent job of depicting the life of a flight attendant that keeps the reader interested from cover to cover. What is great about this diary of a flight attendant is that Jackson really makes you feel close to people who are in this diary and you feel as if you know them yourself. In no way was the book drawn out and cluttered with unnecessary information that will bore the reader. If you are looking for a book that is enjoyable, full of excitement, and entertaining then Flying High by Ruby Jeans Jackson is the right choice for you! ”

What more can we say

both Mother & Daughter

are Flying High at

the U.S. Open

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