Washington Hand It To Black Quarterback Jason Campbell

Updated: September 18, 2006



How Bad are the Redskins

Very BAD with

QB Mark Brunell

“leading” the Skins

to a miserable

27-10 Loss

The Redskins have now opened their season 0-2 by embarrassing themselves on Sunday Night Football before a national audience. What was most obvious to even the most casual viewer was WHY IS THIS GUY QUARTERBACKING AN NFL TEAM ?? And they are right. Mark Brunell is now a Sad Sack.

While at the same time

sitting patiently on the Bench

Washington’s QB of the Future

Jason Campbell

Who 2 years ago took Auburn to a Perfect Season, won award after award and many say should have had a National Championship. Campbell is PURE Quality. But his first season with the Redskins he sat and sat and at some more. Did not get even one single down for himself. This pre-season he was more than impressive in his limited play. What is Joe Gibbs waiting for ??

With Mark Brunell’s 36th Birthday Sunday yes ironic it’s time for the Redskins to eat his Big Salary and admit a fact of life only the very best Quarterbacks are worth keeping as Starters once they reach 35. Brunell is not one.

He still has a place in the Redskins organization as Jason Campbell’s backup. It’s the natural progression of life. Instead too many far too many NFL teams allow Starting Quarterbacks to hold on for Dear Life no matter how poorly the team is doing. It makes no sense. Like so much else.

For better or worse Washington is the most valuable franchise in the NFL maybe all of sports. WHY. Because they command the Power Capital of the World. Fact is owner Dan Snyder could put a bunch of cheerleaders on the field, go winless 0-16 this season and the team would still be hauling in the Dough.

The Problem is far wider

than the Redskins

Every year the NFL is filled with far more lousy Quarterbacks than good QBs. And it happens year after year after year. As talented Backups sit and sit and sit some more. No other Position on the football field witnesses so little adaptability. Coaches will alternate players at every other position if their Starter isn’t doing well. But not Quarterback. They pay the Price.

NFL teams need the kind of

analytic approach now

common in Baseball

lacking in Football

It would prove that pulling Starting Quarterbacks when they are playing poorly makes far more sense than leaving them in to the Bitter End. Another way of comparing the obvious difference between Baseball and Football is to compare a Starting Quarterback with a Starting Pitcher. The Difference is Dramatic. Starting Pitchers who do poorly always get pulled. Quarterbacks virtually never.

Translating a 27-10 football score to baseball would be the equivalent of the Redskins losing to the Cowboys 9-3. No pitcher losing 9-3 is going to stay in the game for the late innings but in football they do. All the Time. Worse that DC’s only TD was a 100 yard kick off return by Rock Cartwright.

The Point is

If there was more flexibility in the management of NFL teams there would be a very different way of Quarterbacking games. Quarterbacks who prove completely ineffective in the First Half would not return in the 3rd Quarter even more if you have your very talented Quarterback of the Future sitting on the Sidelines doing Absolutely Nothing but counting Sheep.

Likewise …

The very same logic applies to next week’s game WHY should Brunell start again after two losing games. There is none. At the very least make him EARN his job back. Meaning if the Backup proves even worse Starting.

Another point how does Gibbs

and his Brain Trust ..

Find out how good Jason Campbell is and how does Jason Campbell get even better IF he never gets to play. Next Sunday against the equally bad 0-2 Houston Texans is the perfect opportunity for Gibbs to start Campbell. Rather than hoping Brunell will do better against a bad team. It is not about correction should not be about letting the Quarterback redeem himself. It’s about Winning.

It is the height of Irony

make that Folly

To read and hear sports journalists note that a particular young Quarterback isn’t “ready” to play WHY because he has little or no play time so far. It’s about as “good” a case of Circular Logic you will find.

So very talented

Black Quarterback Jason Campbell

will likely Sit again next Sunday

as bad as Mark Brunell is

this season


because Jason Campbell

has NEVER played

even a single down

and so is untested

Round and round

and round we


when the New Quarterback

finally Plays nobody knows

Take a seat Jason

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