Time for Quarterback Revolution In NFL Better Deal for Black QBs

Updated: September 20, 2006



Imagine Baseball

IF the Starting Pitcher


Pitched ALL 9 innings

how about EVERY game

no matter how BAD

they pitched or

the score


of course

Is it possible IS IT POSSIBLE the most successful League in sports history the National Football League is ultimately operated by a bunch of IDIOTS who do not know what they are doing. Well the case can be made by isolating on the one position in the game of Football that is far and away the most pivotal on any team the Quarterback.. Once you begin examining the relationship of the Quarterback to the overall strategy of the game even non-experts maybe better not so called experts can easily see the obvious Flaw all teams labor under.

There is an obvious Malaise in the NFL

We could survey all the teams but the Point is made completely simply looking at the Worst. The situation with the WORST team in the NFL in 2005 which they have carried right into the start of the 2006 season is illustrative of the Quarterback Absurdity in the NFL. We bring you the Houston Texan .

In 2005 Houston finished all the way at the Bottom 2-14 ( they “earned” the top 2006 Draft pic for their efforts ).Houston had ONE Quarterback who played every offensive play in everyone of those 16 games. As well they had one of the lowest Point totals of any NFL team last year. And in spite of the fact they never came close to having a chance to win most of their games. Did the Coach decide in even one of those horrible games to “relieve” his Quarterback. NO.

Well at least they learned

a lesson for the 2006 season


Houston has begun this season 0-2 settling into last place once again with Quarterback David Carr in “command” of nothing. Does Houston at least have some good QBs on the Roster so they can make a change. NO of course. They have just ONE other QB on the Roster. Who? One Sage Rosenfels in his 6th NFL season has played in all of 13 games bouncing from team to team.

This early season joining Houston at the Bottom of the Barrel are the Packers, Raiders, Titans, Browns Lions and yes the Redskins each 0-2. Bee advised no matter how badly they may be losing any game and no matter how many games they lose the LAST place any of them are likely to make changes is at QUARTERBACK the most important position on the team.

Why ?

First and foremost

Far and away THE reason is nothing more or less than the “WISDOM” all teams always have and always do adhere. Do NOT change Quarterbacks unless your Starting Quarterback gets injured or maybe it’s late in the 4th Quarter and the team is winning by 35 points or more. On the losing side even much less likely the Coach will pull his Starting Quarterback. WHY BECAUSE IT JUST ISN’T DONE. No other explanation required. Really.

There is another “good” reason on some teams far too many often the ONLY Backup Quarterback is one in name only who can’t even remember the last time he was in a game (let alone started one). Let’s drag out Houston once again to make the Point. Houston who could have had Vince Young for the taking with their #1 Draft Choice in 2006. Instead hired unemployed Sage Rosenfels. He is Houston’s ONLY other QB on their NFL Roster ! Besides Carr.

What we are dealing with a Terrible Contradiction in the strategic basis NFL teams (most NCAA teams as well) are operated and coached. The Quarterback “glorified” in concept and to a curious extent in Reality being the most important position on any team not only in Football but in any Sport.

Then teams go and take the position so lightly many teams do not have even one credible Backup Quarterback let alone a number of outstanding Quarterbacks. They will draft another Tackle before a promising Quarterback. Who could and would come in when the team is doing Baldly.

And those teams that do have

more than one good QB

Let those other Quarterbacks languish on the sidelines often NEVER playing all season long no matter how badly the team does or how poorly the regular starting Quarterback does either in an individual game or all season long.

Which brings us to Baseball

Two very different sports but with a shared logic. Baseball just as Football has one player in each game in general far more important than any other. The Pitcher. Look at how differently the Quarterback and Pitching positions are managed. The fact that their schedules are radically different is completely irrelevant to this analysis and comparison of the 2 positions.

It would be pure INSANITY for any manager (who would quickly lose his job) who kept starting pitchers in a game no matter how good their careers, if they kept them in when they were losing badly and pitching poorly. Likewise any MLB manager who have NO decent pitchers to relieve him with is inconceivable. OR how about MLB teams with only ONE relief pitcher who rarely plays !

Add to this the evolution of

baseball management

Very rarely does any pitcher throw a complete game any more whether they are pitching well or not. If the game is going well the manager logically takes the Starter out and doesn’t waste him throwing needlessly or risking injury.

We also now have careful adherence to Pitch Count. Baseball teams by studying all the stats realized some years ago literally ALL pitchers effectiveness is directly related to their pitch count. After a set number of pitches their effectiveness decreases dramatically. Game after game. Season after season.

Baseball teams now

rely on a universe of

game statistics to

manage each game


Coaches could but don’t rely on a comparable set of historical data regarding the effectiveness of their players specifically and most of all their Quarterback(s) to determine with a high degree of confidence IF……..

……….. their Starting Quarterback is going to be effective that Sunday throughout the game or anytime during the game. But no teams do any such sideline analysis in managing the use of their Quarterback(s) during an NFL season.

It makes NO sense for football teams to be built around a cultural imperative that there is ONE Quarterback no matter what and any Backups good or not will ONLY be called upon in emergencies or very very one sided games.

So there are 2 kinds of NFL teams

those with good Backup QBs

and those with none

It makes no difference because the result is the same the Backup ONLY gets called on in Emergencies when there is no other choice. It is Crystal Clear that an interesting and logically “revolution” would be for teams to regularly interchange Quarterbacks throughout the season and within individual games BASED ON THE ACTUAL CIRCUMSTANCES THE TEAM FACES. Even better in Football than Baseball in that a QB can go out and come back in a game.

Further a team’s game defensive

Is built around a very specific expectation of the Offensive they will face the next game. Well if 2 or 3 very different Quarterbacks may be running the Offense during a game IF the Starter is unable to crack the Defense well the Defense is going to have BIG problems adapting to a multi-Quarterback strategy.

One clear example is

The Running Quarterback

There are more and more running Quarterbacks meaning Black Quarterbacks who often are a trade off in that their their passing skills combined with their running makes them effective. The Quarterback who is a threat to run the ball is most valuable under certain game conditions and against certain teams and types of defenses. It should not have to be an either or decision as to using Running Quarterbacks IF Quarterbacks are brought in and out of games.

Platooning Running Quarterbacks also addresses the fact the addition wear and tear they experience makes them more prone to injury and often gives them shorter careers with all the banging up they take. IF they are used more selectively both concerns are addressed. Very effectively.

The larger Revolutionary Point is

Simply by NFL teams building themselves around a Multi-Quarterback strategy and seeking to have 3 or even 4 QBs on the Roster with a variety of skills the entire Sport of Football would be Transformed for the Better.

The Leadership issue is a Canard in that there is no sacred logic that ONE QB provides the team it’s leadership. That is conceived in the head of management and then inculcated in the players. The position of Quarterback rather than any one Quarterback could be the basis of Leadership.

The Problem is

Football teams are still

build on an outdated

industrial hierarchy

in a post-industrial age

also characterized by

White Ownership

White Management

White Leadership

IF NFL Football FREES itself from that out-dated model of organization African American Quarterbacks will be the biggest beneficiary of all. Because in a Multi-Quarterback environment teams will not live with …..

….. their One White Quarterback who plays every game and year after year until he drops. There will be far greater need for more Good Quarterbacks and Quarterbacks with a variety of Skills. Many of them Black !

NO longer

Will Outstanding

Black Quarterbacks like

Jason Campbell and

Charlie Batch sit

on the Sidelines while

their most productive years

get Wasted.


How about Pittsburgh’s 9-0 Loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday as PERFECT proof of The Theory of Multiple- Quarterbacks. The week before in the season opener Pittsburgh’s Black Backup Quarterback Charlie Batch was Brilliant leading the Steelers to their 28-17 Victory over Miami. Filling in.

Still regardless of of how well Batch did and the fact QB Ben Roethlisberger was still recovering from an appendectomy and recuperating from his earlier motorcycle accident STILL Coach Bill Coher insisted on Starting Ben Roethlisberger this past Sunday against the Jaguars to disastrous results.

Ben Roethlisberger was completely ineffective YET Batch did not get to call even one play Sunday with Roethlisberger QBing every play even though he passed for an embarrassing 141 yards, scored NO TDs and threw 2 Interceptions. WHY. Because that is how Coaches in the NFL manage. NO matter what.

Theory Proven

Case closed.

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