The Cowboys Need To Get Back In The Saddle Because The Redskins Are Coming To Town

By LaToya Hardaway
Updated: September 17, 2006

Dear Tuna,

You always say “you can write what you want,” so here goes. That performance last week was ungodly. Can you stop micromanaging your coordinators? I ain’t getting any younger, so I don’t have time to wait another year for the Cowboys to show me the playoffs. You’re on this egotistical binge trying to rebuild what we already had in place. We had defense, but now we have like 20 linebackers. All we needed was a QB, a young one to grow old with, not another old one to watch hang himself. Bledsoe couldn’t get the ball to Keyshawn, so why dump him for a showboat like T.O.? He needs Jesus anyway and maybe you do, too. Give Bledsoe the clipboard and put Tony Romo in the game; he can throw AND he’s mobile! You keep saying Romo has no experience, but like any QB, doesn’t he need to start somewhere?! Plus, you played Fasano. Isn’t he a rookie? At this rate we could be staring down the barrel of 0-2!

-A mad fan

Dallas CowboysDALLAS– The foul smell of the paper mill plant in Jacksonville, Florida couldn’t have been worse than the Dallas Cowboys’ performance in last Sunday’s season opener at Alltel Stadium. Parcells and company squander a 10-0 lead and lose 24-17 to the Jaguars.

From kickoff until the end of the first quarter, the Cowboys resembled the team I predicted would end the season at-cough- 11-5. The offense clicked.Bledsoe hit Terrell Owens on the first pass of the sequence and “Orange” Julius Jones eventually broke for a 23 yard rushing touchdown.Unbeknownst to Cowboys fans, the field goal that gave them a 10-0 lead turned out to be the last supper for the day.

Jacksonville scored 24- and unanswered by Dallas- points.Dallas had penalties from false starts, to holding, down to offensive pass interference calls. The chances to regain momentum were lost.

Oh, the offensive woes…

Don’t blame the O-line.Surprisingly, they gave Bledsoe time early to make things happen.Jacksonville defensive line wore them down.

Pray for Flozell Adams and company.

Um, Drew Dreadsoe’s performance wasn’t one to write home about.A 14 year veteran in the NFL and surrounded by an elite receiver core (Owens, Glenn, Crayton) has no business throwing three interceptions.

But Bledsoe’s no Peyton Manning so he’s not accountable for the offensive play calling- cease the criticism of him handing it off to Jones/Barber on a third down when they should air it out- it’s Todd Haley’s, well, Tuna’s call.Bledsoe’s only the messenger. Let’s not be so eager to throw him under the bus. Not yet.

But, on the other hand, who told him to throw three interceptions…ah, the devil made him do it?

That new receiver- gulp- was well worth my bag of popcorn.Who dared to complain about his six catches for eighty yards including a touchdown?Well maybe two or three or four. Check your pulse. However, no hyperbaric chamber, bicycle rides, and crew of trainers could have prepared Terrell Owens for game shape.

Hyped in the beginning and sucking wind in the end!

The Dallas defense had a choke hold on the Jaguars, but then they let go. Why must you chase the cat? The Jaguar frustrations mounted because the Cowboys defense allowed nothing but three-and-outs in the first half. The tell-tale sign was fans booing Leftwich, dazed and confused. The brotherly “tap” he got from Roy Williams made him fold like chair.Sigh.But it was a 15 yard penalty.

Then, everything went south from there.

However, there’s no need for the entire city of Dallas to run inside the panic room.It’s just one game, and they’re at home for another big showdown against Washington.

Dallas CowboysDallas CowboysGame 2: Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins

Sunday September 17, 7:15 CT/ 8:15 ET

Texas Stadium, Irving, TX (NBC)

HOW THE BOYS CAN PEEL THE SKINS (no particular order)

Note: plans not followed last week listed again for the purpose of getting a win

Repeat five times-” the Redskins are not our friends.”They’re your division rival who swept you in last season’s series as Santana Moss dusted the secondary.Now you factor in Antwaan Randle El.You’re both 0-1, but you have home field.

Define Exploit.Here let me help: to take advantage of, utilize (i.e. your opponent’s weakness). psssst- the Redskins’ secondary is depleted due to injuries.

Turn down the volume on penalties. More than 60 yards in penalties, and offense was guilty of half.

*Stop conserva-tuna, oops, conservatism. It’s most ineffective on the road, but-yawn- boring at all times.

Bledsoe needs to be unpredictable and get rid of the ball. Tick, tock… His flaws are a playground for a struggling secondary. Also remember three interceptions are uncivilized. Mental note: Gotta ask if he ever played “think fast” when he was a kid.

If content using Owens as the primary scare tactic, have the oxygen mask ready on the sidelines will ya?

*Here’s a “kicker.” Take a risk on Vanderjagt and let him kick.Isn’t it worth 2.5 million?According to Cowboys team trainers, he was healthy for Jacksonville, but Parcells and his ego left the kicker home alone.

Not crazy about the two tight end scheme. Keep Whitten in and let the rookie (Fasano) take notes.

Redskins starting quarterback is still Mark Brunell and Cowboys he’s wears #8. Bring on the blitzes.Quarterback sacks are a sure way to stop the pass!

*Sigh. Don’t hold out on Terry Glenn.

*Don’t believe the hype! Prepare for RB Clinton Portis and CB Shawn Springs, even they are questionable for Sunday.

Thank you for choosing Popeye’s, how can I help you?

Yes, can I have a box of biscuits?Thanks.I wonder if #31 likes his with honey…

Hmm, Cowboys 24, Redskins, 7