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Updated: September 17, 2006



Dr. Boyce Watkins may not be

President Bush’s favorite author

but maybe he should be

After all Dr. Watkins did name his book for W, titled ” If George Bush Was Black..” Regardless that book is just one small part of a career and a schedule that can get you tired simply reviewing it. It sure seems like Dr. Boyce Watkins is Everywhere. And the question must be asked, certainly should be is Boyce Watkins the Smartest Man in America. If nothing else he is surely a Contender. We’ll present a copy of his Bio in as Moment but even more to the Point ….

In fact right to The Point

Dr. Watkins has become the preeminent voice in the African American community making the case better and more forcefully than anyone else ( except maybe BASN itself which Dr. Watkins also writes for ) that Black Athletes are not realizing their Potential especially their Power Potential and their related Financial Potential because too many African American Athletes allow themselves to be ‘rolled’ by White Society. Far far too many.

Here is Dr. Watkins in his own Voice ….

“Black athletes have an important role to fill in our society, and many of them have become incapable of fulfilling it. Our society has socially castrated these men by the time they obtain their power, and many of them are simply afraid or unable to take a stand on nearly anything. many of today’s black athletes are not educated by colleges or high schools, and this negatively impacts their ability to understand the economic and political structure of our society. ”

Dr. Watkins whose day job is Professor of Finance at Syracuse University is constantly on the Go appearing on talk show after talk show around the nation, giving speech after speech from sea to shinning sea ( those still shining ). He has recently been Visiting Scholar at Shanghai University in China. Dr. Watkins maintains a variety of informative Websites. And on and on.

Now a brief formal Bio for more perspective …..

Dr. Watkins earned BA and BS degrees from University of Kentucky with a nearly perfect GPA and a triple major in Finance, Economics and Business Management. Selected as the Wall Street Journal Outstanding Graduating Senior in Finance, Freshman of the Year, and the Lyman T. Johnson Outstanding Graduating Senior. Following this ……..

He earned a Masters Degree in Mathematical Statistics and a Doctorate in Finance from The Ohio State University. He teaches Finance at Syracuse University, the first African-American faculty member in the history of the Department of Finance. He is the founder of The Black Financial Economists Association, and the Director of the Step Up and Go to College Tour, which travels across the nation guiding young people toward college success.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Brother on the Rise

with messages of Empowerment that

takes us far beyond the Rhetoric

of False Black Prophets or

those like Oprah & Tiger

who don’t have a Clue

Dr. Boyce Watkins understands

Power & Money in America

and the Potential of

Black Athletes &

Black Society


so Far

Find out for yourself

write Dr. Watkins

visit his Website

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