Sooners Dropped The Ball Against The Ducks When They Squandered A 17-Point Lead

By Gregory Moore
Updated: September 20, 2006

SAN ANTONIO – I’m not a Sooner fan. Far from it. I’ve got friends and family who are graduates of the OU nation; doesn’t mean I don’t love them. But what Bob Stoops is doing is just sitting in my craw.

Talk about whining to the heavens? And for a retired math teacher to get death threats? Yeah I have some problems with this too. But you know what people are forgetting? The Sooners were winning the football game with a 17-point lead.

Yeah, Sooner fans talk to Stoops the Genius about that one. Up seventeen, a national championship caliber team puts opponents away. But then again maybe that is what people don’t realize either. This version of Sooner football is not national championship caliber. The offense and defense is not as good as it once was.

It couldn’t be if the Ducks are racking up over 500 yards of total offense and the OU offense can’t convert three red zone opportunities. Now is that the fault of the referees? Oh I’m sure the line judge talked to the blades of grass before the game and made sure that they let the Ducks waddle their way to 34 points and made sure to trip up the Sooners every chance they got.

Or maybe the end zones decided to put up force fields on the Sooners as well. Heck it has to be somebody’s fault right?

Stoops is making excuses for his team’s poor play and that should not be the case. An old theory that I used when coaching volunteer football was telling the team to always score 21 points before the first half. I told the kids I coached that to ‘equate’ for any blown calls by the referees.

Now it sounds like an excuse on my own part but in actuality what I did was motivate the players to play hard and finish the game. The Sooners did not finish the game. Forget the referees because they really are not a factor in the loss as some would think. If a team is up 17 points and looks like they are in control, it is up to the coach to ensure that his players finish the darn game.

National championship caliber teams already know that concept and that is the real travesty here; OU is thinking their national title hopes are dashed when they didn’t play like a national title team on Saturday. The Ducks beat them fair and square. The only help the Ducks got was the gift of no cover defense by the Sooners. Refs were just there along for the ride.

DUCK SOUP SCANDAL, PART II I have a question. How did the identity of the replay referee become public? Here’s the answer. Somebody leaked it. That leak came from either a coaching staff member of OU or a reporter who writes for an Oklahoma newspaper. Or it’s a Sooner apologist who had access to the game notes.

If it sounds like I’m accusing somebody from Oklahoma for leaking that information, you are correct. It may be unprofessional but then again what’s more unprofessional in this case, a retired math teacher receiving death threats from ‘true’ fans because somebody either associated with the team or with the media leaked the referee’s name or a writer making a pliable accusation of malfeasance of said individuals?

Take the latter folks and not the former on this one. And if I sound a little disgruntled with Oklahoma Sooner apologists today, it’s because I know how that referee feels. In May of 2004, I wrote an editorial for this site in which I proclaimed that the San Antonio Spurs were not going to win the 2004 NBA title.

How many hate e-mails did I get from that article? About 25 to 30. Was I disturbed about it? Who wouldn’t be when you get bombarded by racially incited e-mails. Now it may not be on the same level of what this referee has experienced but still, no one wants to be a target because they may or may not have made a decision that sits well with the rest of the world.

But this situation of death threats on a man simply doing a difficult job has all too many smells of someone associated in some capacity with Oklahoma football. Let’s be honest for a moment. If the Sooners had maintained their big lead and these errors happened, nobody would have cared. But they didn’t and these problems did happen.

Now should a referee be subjected to the debauchery of a bunch of fans who think their team walks on the floated grass in Norman, Oklahoma? Nobody needs to be subjected to that type of torture and if Coach Stoops et al really want to put this situation to bed, go on the air and control your fan base.

Oh and find that leak and drop the hammer on the person who leaked out personal information. That’s just a suggestion.