O What Football Saturday and Put Oregon’s Dennis Dixon On Heisman List

Updated: September 18, 2006



Praise the Lord Again

there is some Justice

in our World

on the Gridiron anyway

The Fighting Irish


Saturday afternoon

Michigan State’s Black Band of Warriors destroyed the Lie of Notre Dame Invincibility. There was NO Fight in these Irish ( disclaimer this in no way is an attack on the Irish people who are guiltless ). What was the Final Score ?

O here it is. 47-21. Poor Brady Quinn. And you too Coach Charlie Weis. Tyrone Willingham sends his Condolences. His Huskies won their Biggest Victory in years 21-20 over Fresno State. In front of 72,000 delirious fans.

Sorry for the diversion

but it was a BIG Saturday

All Around and

the AP Poll is


There is nothing quite like College Football. The drama of so many rivalries. The pageantry. Fall in the Air. And O the Upsets. The down to the last second on the clock finales. And yes the Blowouts when the way way over-rated get there due on Saturday. In many ways the College Game has it all over the Pros. Certainly there is no real comparison when it comes to PASSION.

It amounts to a very Enjoyable

and every bit as Painful

this 2 Edged Sword

College Football

With each game and each new season it’s popularity grows and grows and stadium after stadium sold out game after game year after year. Watching on TV in HD and lots more camera angles makes these college games that much more Mesmerizing. And the schools get richer and richer ……

…….. from ALL the revenues from NCAA football and the NCAA grows more powerful and the coaches and college sports dept. executives get FATTER and FATTER salaries and unbelievable Perks WHILE THE PLAYERS CONTINUE TO GET NOTHING BUT THE GLORY.

It is the Scandal that never ends

that grows and grows and grows

some more and them some more

when will it ever End ?

Back to Saturday. With an easy victory and Notre Dame’s collapse Ohio State secured its hold on First Pace and QB Troy Smith his place at the Very Top of the Heisman List. It was all very easy. The Buckeyes 37-7 over Cincinnati. Troy Smith a fabulous 21 for 30, 203 yards passing and 2 TDs.

As predicted

Auburn vs. LSU was the Game to Watch. A defensive masterpiece with the Auburn Tigers barely beating the LSU Tigers as Jamarcus Russell rallied his troops to the Auburn 5 yard line and one play away from Victory when the Clock struck Zero. Propelling Auburn to #2 in the new AP Poll.

As LSU slid only back to #10 still on that List for their tremendous effort against favored Auburn while hapless Notre Dame was rightfully penalized for its Embarrassing Performance dropping all the way from #2 to #12. OUCH.

Even better news …..

West Virginia’s Mountaineers with Black QB Pat White and their Thursday night easy shellacking of Maryland 45-24 moved all the way up to #4. The Florida Gators behind a Masterful Chris Leak another Black Heisman Candidate won their squeaker over Tennessee with a very late Leak TD pass 21-20 and are now #5. His stats ? 15 for 25 for 199 yards passing and 3 Touchdowns. Heisman stuff.

You can look up the rest

of the Top 10 yourself

we’d rather discuss

The Mighty Ducks

of Oregon

And the very best Black Quarterback vs. Black Quarterback game of all Saturday. Oklahoma’s Paul Thompson against Oregon’s Dennis Dixon. A Battle Royale. If there ever was one featuring 2 Black Quarterbacks neither who receives the respect he deserves. What’s new. Especially Dennis Dixon.

What a Gem as he took these Mighty Ducks of Oregon all the way to an unexpected #13 in the AP Poll with a last minute TD and a V coming from way back the Final Score 34-33. If the Ducks keep it up and head for the Top 10 Dixon just might be one of the 5 Heisman Finalists. Wouldn’t it be so nice maybe leaving Brady Quinn at home in the Losing Dust of South Bend.

That is it

another wonderful

Football Saturday

most of the Season

still to Go

Savor every Week


the Players are getting


for all they do for

Our National Pride

and all that Fun

and all that


( they see none of )

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