Not So Fast Alfonso Can Soriano Go Where No MLB Player Has Gone Before

Updated: September 13, 2006



In the entire history

of MLB Baseball it has

NEVER happened

NO player has ever

hit 50 HomeRuns

and stole 50 Bases


While it would be an astonishing Finish for Alfonso Soriano to do it. Never under-estimate Alfonso. He almost surely will hit 50 Slammers, he has 45 now, and he will get more than 40 Base Steals. He now has 39.

That means he will only be the 4th player EVER to reach 40 HRs and Steal 40 Bases in one season. In fact in 2002 he came One HR short of doing it. Had he done so, he ‘d be on the verge of becoming the FIRST MLBer to do it Twice. Also keep in mind 2 of the 3 in the 40 / 40 Club did it as undeserving Steroid Kings. The “Great” Barry Bonds and The “Great” Jose Canseco.

As for this Season

As of Tuesday afternoon Washington has 18 games remaining. 5 HomeRuns in 18 games is well within Soriano’s reach. As for 11 more Stolen Bases in 18 games well that’s a far Greater Challenge. Except if you keep in mind he has picked up his pace to the point it is Possible. In his last 21 games Alfonso has Stolen 9 Bases.

So that 11 SBs in the next 18 games

is within the Realm especially IF

Manager Frank Robinson

gives him the Green Light

for the rest of the Season


Would that ever add to the ever growing Aura of Alfonso Soriano and make him even more THE Free Agent of the upcoming Off Season. The uninformed have speculating he can command a $50 Million 5 year deal. Get Real. Soriano will be offered $75 Million for 5 years at the very Least. But ……

The Fact is do not be Surprised

do not be Surprised at all IF

Alfonso Soriano becomes

The $100 Million Dollar Man

( even higher if a Bidding War starts )

for a 5 year Deal

Now adding to his Appeal and how ironic is this. Having revolted at the start of the Season over playing the Outfield. He has quickly become a Pro in the Outfield. ADD to his other Credentials he has a MLB leading 20 Assists in the Outfield so far this Season. Meaning whoever signs Alfonso will have both a legitimate Starting Second Baseman and Starting Outfielder. 2 for the price of 1.

Want more …

One pre-season slam on Soriano was Make that TWO were that he is 1) an American League hitter who would fare poorly in the National League WRONG, and 2) with RFK Stadium the worst park in the Majors for HomeRun hitters his output would tumble. WRONG. This is Soriano’s Best HR Season. IMAGINE what he might do next season in a Hitter’s Ballpark.

( one more reason he won’t sign with Washington )

Want more ….

To go with his likely 50+ HomeRuns and 40+ Stolen Bases and 20+ Assists ADD his very likely 100+ RBIs ( he now has 91 ). His Batting Average is up to .292 and if he goes for 50 and 50 that would almost definitely mean getting that average up to the “magic” .300 as well.

ADD to that Soriano is One of only Four Major leaguers with 170 or more hits. He has 171 as of Tuesday. And is in reach of Leading the Majors in that category as well. ADD to that he is 5th in the Majors in Doubles with 38. ADD to that he is 2nd in the Majors in Total Bases with 348 battling only Ryan Howard for the Title.

In Frank Robinson’s view

and he sure has Credibility

to make such Judgments

Alfonso Soriano

overall is having

one of the Best

Seasons of All Time

in the Majors

we’ll ADD

while playing for

a last place team

in a terrible ballpark


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