More On Booker T, Divas, And Everything Else

By Korbid Thompson
Updated: September 13, 2006

Booker TNEW JERSEY –Well, since it’s been a long while since I contributed to the site, I decided to break that drought with some factoids and comments thrown in on the side. Time for some classic “In The Black”.

Starting with the now 41-year old Booker T. Word has it that he has extended his WWE contract for another 2 years. That same word says that he wants to keep going until 2009, which would him at age 44.

Hey, there have been guys a lot older still going at it, i.e. Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Terry Funk, etc. After all, “King” Booker is the current World Heavyweight Champion, so who am I to tell him to quit now? Unless there are some chronic issues with his back, Booker and his wife, Sharmell Sullivan can keep at it just a little bit longer.

Staying with the women theme, let’s jump to the most recent WWE Divas Search winner, Layla El. She has yet to see a significant role on WWE television since winning the $250,000 competition. If Vince McMahon truly is losing interest in her, then that’s a bad job on his part, being the he did hire her, more or less.

Now, if you can keep Ashley (last year’s winner) and that tired punk rock getup for more than a year, certainly, you can find an appropriate spot for Layla, not that I’m in her fan club. It’s just that fair is fair, plain and simple. Besides, maybe it is time that we see a fresh Latina presence in the WWE. We’ll see if the upper brass in Connecticut come around to seeing it that way, also.

As for Trish Stratus, she will be having her last match at WWE Unforgiven on September 17th for the Women’s Championship. In the past I have accused WWE of going to her too much to save their women’s division, which has never captured the flare of the late ‘90s, when Chyna reigned supreme. That’s a whole different story, though.

Now, before I’m too hard on Vince, I need to give him credit for somehow putting on Monday Night Raw in Madison Square Garden for September 11th. When you think of some historic moments in wrestling, you can’t really think of anywhere else.

Even though this was not what the night of 9/11 was intended for, as an old school wrestling fan, you can’t help but think about those days gone by in MSG.

Going from the old to the new, that brings me to the WWE’s latest tag team entry, known as Cryme Time. Comprised of 21-year old Devon Driscoll and Shad Gaspard, these guys will come in as street thugs looking to make a name in the WWE.

I’m not going to pass any judgment on this one just yet, at least until I see where it goes first. I guess that USA wasn’t kidding when they said “characters welcome”.

Next time out, I’ll have to comment on exactly what I think of the “brand new” ECW. Peace…