Liberian Expatriate Now Running Back Jehuu Caulcrick’s

Updated: September 25, 2006



It should have been

shouda shouda shouda

been a night of Triumph

for Michigan State’s Caulcrick

and his Mother in the stands

shouda shouda shouda

but it Wasn’t

The emotional story of Saturday night as the announcers in the Booth frequently noted was the tale of Jehuu Caulcrick and his trek from battle torn Liberia to the ivy covered campus of Michigan State. If only the Irish has cooperated. They tried for most of the game before the Spartans fell asleep in the driving rain and infamous Irish Luck slipped into the packed stadium

to make Jehuu Caulcrick

an after thought everywhere

but in the Box

And his Poor Mother Bonita getting soaked to the Bone in the end for nothing but the pain of defeat at the hands of the Hated Irish. Her son ran well very very well as a Spartan running back gaining 111 yards on 8 carries and scoring one TD. The question of the day call it Sunday evening Quarterbacking is WHY Jehuu Caulcrick did not get the ball much at all late in the game ???

That’s easy

the Spartans were

SLEEPING in the rain

while Notre Dame was

SINGING in the rain

When your team goes from a 17 point lead at Half Time and a 16 point lead at the end of the 3rd Period to then LOSE 40-37 BLAME the head coach that is Michigan State head coach John L. Smith. Among his other bad decisions was not giving Black Liberian now American Jehuu Caulcrick the Ball more.

No amount of Bad Play by the Michigan State offense and defense in the final minutes can equal the inability of their Coach to effectively deal with the “crisis.” Not placing Caulcrick in the game more and ordering his Quarterback to give the Ball to Caulcrick is one painful example. Very painful.

So who is Jehuu Caulcrick

we’re jumping up and down about

here in the Box today

He’s a kid with an African story to tell. The kind we like so much in the Box. Here is how MSU News recently told the story in brief format ..

“Caulcrick can’t forget what he and his family went through in Liberia. His father, Jerome Blamo, a government employee, was killed by rebels. Caulcrick fled from one refugee camp to another with his grandparents before his mother, Bonita, rescued him and brought him to the United States. The stench of dead bodies lying in the streets is something Caulcrick will never forget.”

That’s right Jehuu was born in Liberia in the middle of a violent civil war in which his father was murdered and where he stole himself from refuge camp to refuge camp before escaping to the USA with his mother who returned to rescue him from a life of despair if not Death for himself.

After a few years spent growing up outside of New York City and playing football Jehuu Caulcrick was recruited by Michigan State University as a 260 lb. big body running back maybe not as nimble as some but with power to spare to bust into and past those meaty defensive lines of teams just like Notre Dame.

O what might have been

had Michigan State

not fallen Victim

to Damn Irish Luck

possibly Leprechauns

planted on the Sidelines

to make make MSU’s coach

idiotic toward the end and

to make the Ball slippery

for the Spartans if not

Jehuu Caulcrick would be

the toast of East Lansing today

maybe he will next Saturday

in Liberia too if the Spartans

just give Jehuu the Ball

again and again

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