Five Years For The Blackbox

Updated: September 22, 2006



7 days a week

365 days a year

5 consecutive years


a few more or less

consecutive Black Boxes

Covering every conceivable Sport imaginable and countless Athletes ALL from a Black perspective day after day after day YES an unprecedented output. Why not tell the Truth ? False modesty is NO modesty at all. It is insecurity predicated on a lack of self-confidence. The last thing African Americans need in this White Sports Universe. Industry if you prefer. Same difference.

The style and format

of the Black Box

is unlike any other

Sports Commentary


Built on the logic that on the Internet and in a very visual world if not always the rigid limitations of traditional print culture are not based on any useful logic but the flawed dictates of a tyrannical mentality. Just as much seen in the limitations placed on African Americans in Sports for no other reason than it serves the needs of those with the Power to Impose their Demands so as to keep Power.

As is always true

some things have changed

in 5 years others

not at All

On balance NO real changes have taken place in the World of Sports. There are appreciably no more African Americans managers, coaches or executives. In some categories less than 5 years ago. There is ONE Black owner of a significant sports franchise now. Big Deal. One. No 2nd on the Horizon.

And how about MLB Baseball

decidedly less Black players

than 5 years ago and

the Trend toward


In ALL the many many sports such as rowing, archery, golf, lacrosse, and on and on and on African Americans are as excluded as a Class as much today as 5 years ago. YES there are the individual success stories we highlight in the Box. All they prove is the Exception proves the Whites Rule. Still.

Tiger Woods is far richer

than even 5 years ago

and the Black Athlete

who deserves and

gets nothing but


in the Box

Tiger Woods the Anti-Black better and worse than anyone on Earth defines the Malaise of African Americans in Sports. He could do more than anyone to bring more opportunity to Black Americans in Sports does less than anyone even to the extent that for all practical purposes if carefully denying his Heritage.

The very fact that after a Decade of Tiger Woods emerging as the Most Famous Athlete on Earth there is not a single other African American on the PGA Tour and Woods has not even once not even once raised the issue and never will, let alone speaking up regarding any other Sport. Tiger Woods is White America’s ULTIMATE “vision” of what a Black Athlete should be.

Get Rich AND Keep Your Mouth Shut

Tiger does it Better than Anyone

In 5 years the only undeniable Light comes from the Progress of the Black Quarterback. The Bastion of White Power among all Athletes all Sports has been successfully INVADED by African Americans. There is nothing in all of Sports to compare to the role and the symbolism of the QUARTERBACK.

A unique position in ALL of Sports. And a Barrier kept in place for the exclusive placement of White Athletes for a Century. Then some slow intermittent fleeting Progress. But in recent decades and most of all in recent years ……

………. despite many Barriers that remain day in and day out year in and year out Black Quarterbacks ae showing up everywhere. It is far from the Equality that African American Athletes merit at this very very special and pivotal position but the Trend is very hopeful indeed. Very hopeful.


talented young Black athletes

in high school and college

and even earlier

NO longer can be prevented by insidious pressures from seeing themselves as THE Quarterback commanding any football team. It may prove little more than a SYMBOLIC and psychological Victory. But it will be much much more. Maybe even the Key to a New World of Sports in America IF African Americans see in the Success of Black Quarterbacks a FAR larger message.

See and learn that Black success at Quarterback the Sacred White Position in Sports could NOT be prevented because the pressure for Change was relentless and widespread and not predicated on some large scale group action ……

…….. but one young Black American after another then another then another REFUSING to concede the Ball to some other player to Quarterback for no other reason than his skin was White. And African American after African American who was not intimidated by White Coaches who had NO interest in Black Quarterbacks but maybe most of all ….

Young African Americans and some of their parents and coaches and advisors and others who refused and refuse to accept the Crumbs off the Table which so many in the Black community internalize as their lot in life in America.

Their is a developing Revolution

in the position of Quarterback

not a Black Revolution


but the onus is on

African Americans

to make it a Black Revolution

and then a Revolution

that expands throughout

Sports in America

that is a good place

for the First Black Box

of its 6th year to Conclude

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….