Does Reggie Bush Have A Problem

Updated: September 24, 2006



No doubt at all

Reggie Bush is

far more concerned about

Monday night’s game

against the Falcons

New Orleans home opener post Katrina. Still nobody is letting him forget the USC controversy that continues to swirl around him. It remains a question whether it is a real storm or a passing breeze. Regardless the damage will be to his reputation at most. Conceivably cost him that big heavy Heisman Trophy, Probably not. The charge is that boosters and others gave Bush and his family more than $100,000 in cash and gifts in violation of the NCAA regs.

Here is Bush’s side of the story …

“During my time at USC, I managed not only to carry a full 12-unit course load every semester while playing Division I football, but I also worked as many as 15 simultaneous work-study jobs that allowed me the opportunity to provide food, clothing, and shelter for my family with a little spending money left over,” Bush said, reading from a prepared statement at the Saints training facility. Bush also added that, on average, the university’s work-study jobs paid $6.50 an hour. “I did not, I repeat, did not earn a dime for my play on the field.”

Reggie Bush acquitted himself well this past week at a press conference at the Saints complex in New Orleans. He is almost as professional in front of the microphone as he is on the Gridiron. Still questions persist about his college finances which allowed him a very comfortable almost opulent life style.

The weakest link in his Defense is the expensive home his family lived in for part of the time while he attended USC and has his own LA digs as well. It seems rather clear that house and its rent was paid for by a businessman who wanted to do business with Reggie once he turned pro. Conveniently Bush did not directly address the issue of the house for his family.

What’s the Big Deal

it’s all about perceptions

And whether or not you put any stock in the NCAA rules that put severe restrictions on student athletes. IF you think the rules as many do and rightfully are a SHAM this is much ado about nothing that means anything. For those in the NCAA who worry and they do WORRY that their rigid rules may become unenforceable the Reggie Bush “case” is VERY important

The NCAA has 2 options

to ponder

As is more likely that will find that Bush did nothing or almost nothing wrong no matter what they believe ( whatever that means ) because that will allow them to try and maintain the NCAA hegemony toward student athletes BECAUSE they will say to other student athletes they accuse of doing “wrong” you can’t point to Reggie Bush for an alibi because he did nothing wrong.

The problem with that Strategy

is it may not be taken Seriously

by other athletes who will

make the Bush case into

a Mantra for themselves

The alternative for the NCAA is to go after Bush with ALL they’ve got, use every trick in their book to accuse and convict him of violating the rules, try to fine him even though he is no longer subject to their “justice” and their ACE in the Hole in a way demanding that Bush’s Heisman be revoked. Which gets complicated because it is the Heisman Board who must make that Decision.

The Point being …

IF they can strip Reggie of his Heisman that will be a riveting WARNING to other high profile players – the ones the NCAA is concerned about – who might have Heisman dancing in their own heads. But it all become very complicated because a hard line by the NCAA might in fact have the opposite effect to that which is desired. Turning Bush into a Victim and Hero. And bring the NCAA rules even more into question. Even placing them under Assault.

The likely outcome

Is what happens so often in Life. This matter will muddle along never going away until it dies of media boredom and the NCAA is left with some damage control. The fact the NCAA has so much POWER. anyway they will probably decide even already decided not to make this into a BIG deal. By the way if Bush ever did lose his Heisman it would be awarded to #2 in the voting who many feel should have won it Texas Quarterback Vince Young.

As for Reggie Bush

His best strategy as all good politicians and also Barry Bonds know is to Change the Subject. Bush has the ability to do that by playing brilliant game after brilliant game for New Orleans and starting the chants of Rookie of the Year and on top of that talk of Saints in the Playoffs early on. Right away !

Bush has a very big opportunity

to play that strategy

Monday night against

The Atlanta Falcons

A very big game for both

and most of all a Battle

of Vick vs. Bush

in fact by Tuesday morning

Bush’s “small” problem

might be all but


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