Did Somebody Say West Virginia Look Who’s Sneaking Up The AP Poll With a Black Quarterback Paul White

Updated: September 14, 2006



Let’s all sing along

Country roads, take me home

To the place I belong

West Virginia, Black Quarterback

Take me home

the national championship

( thank you John Denver )


to the Tube and ESPN

Thursday evening for


Almost invisible with all the talk about Ohio State, Notre Dame, Texas, USC, Auburn WAIT A MINUTE what about West Virginia now #5, And guess what another impressive victory by West Virginia Thursday evening, combined by a Stumble Saturday by any of these 4 ( hopefully not Ohio State ) WELL come Sunday afternoon West Virginia could be #2 or #3 in the AP Poll.

Which means West Virginia

is a Dark Horse Candidate

for National Champs

Could you imagine. OK call it a Dream if you prefer. Ohio State vs. West Virginia. MEANING Black Quarterback Troy Smith vs. Black Quarterback Pat White both throwing and running to perfection in the Championship Game.

In the Box we always try

to bring you the

Best Scenarios

Back to West Virginia and right now. Once again our regular Disclaimer. When it comes to Football in the Box we do mostly Black Quarterbacks. Not that all these teams don’t have lots of other outstanding Black players. But as Willie Sutton is famous for saying to paraphrase him WHY Black Quarterbacks …

Because that is where the ACTION is

Which now brings us directly to the Mountaineer’s Pat White. Over the last 2 seasons White has led West Virginia to 9 straight victories which includes their first 2 games this early season. And what impressive victories they are. Be they lower tier teams. Wining against Marshall 42-10 to open the season and then last week 52-3 against East Washington. Mountaineer power.

The fact is those who vote

in the AP Poll

are not little old ladies

but serious football ‘pros’

they know what they see

they see West Virginia #5

At the same time the Mountaineers may have the weakest schedule of any Contenders. Meaning their only hope of making it to the Big Game in January in Arizona is going Undefeated while at most one of the others also goes Undefeated. Better yet nobody else goes Undefeated. It will take some Luck.

Back to Pat White

Here are his Stats. He has only Attempted 14 passes but completed 10 of them for 168 yards without an interception, and White has run for 48 yards on 7 carries average 6.9 yards. Which means he plays the Leadership role of the Quarterback who throws or runs confusing the defense while relying on his running backs.

NO Pat White is not going to win a Heisman not even be in contention barring a Miracle even if the Mountaineers go all the way. That is the Point. African American Quarterbacks are finally being allowed correction make that create opportunities for themselves to be judged the same way White Quarterbacks are.

It was always a Con

When Black Quarterbacks had to be SuperMen to have the same kind of chances to Quarterback in college that White Guys got and get all the time with the same skill level that was never good enough if you were Black.

Pat White best exemplifies

The Starting Quarterback on many many Division I teams who are in the Top Ten who are not World Beaters or guaranteed NFL hot shots but who get the job done fulfilling the many roles the QB plays on a winning team.

The difference now is finally some of “those” Quarterbacks are Black. What’s still wrong more of them aren’t. You still too often need to be Michael Vick or Vince Young to be the Starting Black Quarterback on an NCAA team.

So raise your glasses high

( filled with Rolling Rock )

for all the Black Quarterbacks

SuperMen or not and

root root root for

West Virginia

and Pat White

Thursday night.

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