Despite Win Over the Redskins, Owens Becomes Center of Attention Again

By Gregory Moore
Updated: September 18, 2006

SAN ANTONIO — Even when they win, he is the center of attention. Or the center attraction may be a more fitting moniker. Terrell Owens, despite only catching three balls for 19 yards in Sunday’s win over the Washington Redskins, is again in the limelight.

This time it is because he let the press know that he broke his ring finger in the first quarter. But what no one is catching is that Owens trying to be a team player; even though his motivation for a quick recovery is the Oct. 8th game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I’m going to try to get back as soon as I can. I feel like I’m a quick healer. Once we have the surgery, the healing process will start,” said after the game.

Well here comes a week and a half of reports of hypobaric chambers, finger puppet exercises and other Dallas media hijinx as the circus continues to perform at Valley Ranch. What may sound like sarcasm is actually puzzlement as to why a city so big and so used to handling these kind of distractions have fallen prone to such shenanigans is a bit troubling.

After all, this team did just beat a division rival that swept them last season. The offense, which sputtered against one of the best defenses in the league last week, looked efficient against a Greg Williams defense this week.

A defense, which couldn’t stop leaky faucet from dropping last week as they gave up 24 unanswered points by their opponents last week, held a supposedly potent Washington offense to just three points.

The special teams, which Bill Parcells wanted to almost scrap last Sunday, gave up just one touchdown in the game. The Cowboys played like a team but yet the only thing people will be talking about this week and next is the most expensive ring finger in Cowboys’ history.

Sure Terry Glenn and Patrick Crayton had touchdown catches. Julius Jones and Marion Barber combined for over 100 yards rushing and another touchdown on the ground. Roy Williams was his usual playmaking self on defense.

But what is everyone talking about? Owens and his finger. Forget about the team concept theory. Evidently it doesn’t exist in the fan circles and media corps that covers America’s Team.

That’s unfortunate because it’s the team concept theory that could propel them into the playoffs and beyond. This team already knows how to play without Owens and even he admits that he is just one of the smaller cogs in the machine. “We’ve got some guys that can step in”, Owens added Yes they certainly do. Crayton, Jamaica Rector and Sam Hurd are all capable of filling in while #81 heals. It’s not like this is the end of the world for Cowboys fans because it isn’t. What many fans and media professionals are forgetting is that Parcells’ teams have always been about team, not individualistic play.

If you are looking for Owens to be this “me, me” person, that may not happen on this team. Not with this coach and possibly not ever as long as Owens is a member of this team.

Who knows the broken finger could be a blessing in disguise so that the fans can see that maybe he is truly learning his lesson from his tumultuous days in Philly. Maybe the circus everyone is expecting will be along the lines of Cirque Du Soleil and not the Ringling Bros. variety.

For now it seems that the side show will just continue; despite a stellar performance by America’s Team.