Deep In The Heart Of Texas Ohio State & Troy Smith Are #1

Updated: September 11, 2006



Make NO mistake about it

Sitting High Above

the new AP Poll

is Ohio State

Ohio State which demolished the Texas Longhorns 24-7 now minus their Great Rainmaker who made them #1 last season. Without QB Extraordinare Vince Young Texas was no match for the Buckeyes led brilliantly by QB Troy Smith.

That’s right we do

Quarterbacks in the Box

Black Quarterbacks

we have for 5 years

and we aren’t going

to Stop ever

The difference between now and 5 years ago that in spite the forces still aligned against African American Quarterbacks there are more and more. Right now we are looking at another possible first in College Football. National Champions led 2 years in a row by Black Quarterbacks. Sure these firsts are Symbolic but what’s more Powerful than Symbols. Symbols herald Reality.

As for Saturday night’s game in Texas

here’s the Skinny

For starters Ohio State scored in every Quarter. Touchdown, Touchdown, Field Goal. Touchdown. Texas limited to a single 2nd quarter TD. Looking at the game as we do through Quarterback ‘Colored’ Glasses ( get it ) …..

…… . Troy Smith went 17 for 26 for 269 yards and 2 Touchdowns. While Texas freshman QB Colt McCoy went a meager 19 for 32 for all of 154 yards scoring 1 TD and giving up 1 Interception. Lots of good performances all around for Ohio State but the QB stats sum up the game succinctly. The best way.

As for that All Important AP Poll

released every Sunday afternoon late

all Season long it tells

the Bigger Tale

Right now the Buckeyes are cemented in First Place with 56 votes for the top ranking while Notre Dame ( who else ) came in at #2 but with ONLY 3 First Place votes even though the “fix” is in ( sorry but cynicism promotes survival ) to insure the so called Fighting Irish make it to the Championship Game. The fact is that both Auburn and USC are right on their Tail with West Virginia, LSU and Florida not far behind but all ahead of Texas which was demoted to #8.

Now on to next Saturday

Ohio State plays unranked Cincinnati at home. If they lose this one they had better go home and hide. Notre Dame will have a tougher road they play hungry Michigan ranked #11 who know IF they could upset the so called Fighting Irish all bets are off and they might kick it all the way up the charts to #5 or #6. Except the “fix” is in. Trust us The Officials will never allow Note Dame to lose even if they have to invent penalties that don’t exist or make the game clock run in reverse or simply change the score. Whatever it takes.

Yes College Football

it’s just like Real Life

the Special Few get

all the Breaks

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