Best Black Boxes For 2006

Updated: September 10, 2006



IF only Oprah didn’t

hate Sports

IF only Tiger wasn’t

hiding being Black

IF only IF only IF only

Bill Rhoden knew

what he was doing

How ironic is this ? Sports journalist Bill Rhoden of NY Times infamy writes a book about how African Americans have been SCREWED throughout the history of Sports AND in an important way because of their own Complicity

Then Bill Rhoden goes

and makes himself

A Victim of His Own Theory

God Above have Mercy

There are 2 choices either Rhoden is 1) Naive, or 2) Stupid to have believed Random House was going to give the Star Treatment to a Black Man writing a book challenging The White Control of Sports in America.

Rhoden sat back and Waited

for the Book Tour

that NEVER happened

Rhoden sat back and Waited

for the Advertising Campaign

that NEVER happened

Bill Rhoden proved just like the African American he criticizes if not Condemns for not realizing – and Rhoden does NOT hold back here it’s even in his title – they are SLAVES in a White Sports World BECAUSE they have NO Power, NO Influence and NO Access to the Upper Tiers of Sports.

Too Bad Too. Bill Rhoden wrote a Damn Good Book. We might even call it a Classic. More ? The Definitive History of the African American Sports Experience. And what it is the Result. It is fading toward Oblivion largely unread. Yes it did get a Quick Bounce, made it to 30 something on The NY Times best seller list. Even for a few days all the way up to the defining List 180th or so best seller at Amazon and briefly their the #1 best selling sports book.

O What might have Been

Now the Book is in Free Fall

( and completely off The Times List )

going down down down

IF Bill Rhoden was Somebody else

( read White Writer )

And if his Topic was Something Else

( not about Blacks getting Shafted )

With those early results Rhoden could have expected the Suits at Random House would have gotten behind the Potential and sent him flying around the USA to appear on lots of talk shows, and at book signings Everywhere. Even if they did NOT do the upfront pre-publication promotion they should have.

Except it never happened

Rhoden got to do exactly 2 book signings one near Harlem and the other in Harlem. They didn’t even put him on Amtrak to Washington DC for a book signing. And if there was any advertising for the book it was Rhoden himself putting up posters he drew or printed on lampposts on 125th Street.

But ultimately the White Boys

who control Random House

and the book industry

aren’t to Blame


Had he BELIEVED in what he was writing, and if he WANTED more than just another line on his bio Rhoden would have taken Command of the situation and coupled that with using the Race Card. That’s what it is there for to be used.

Except that

The idea that Bill Rhoden might have had the COURAGE to Challenge his publisher at Random House is A Real Stretch. WHY ARE YOU IGNORING MY BOOK RANDOM HOUSE ?? HOW MANY OF YOUR BLACK AUTHORS GET THE STAR TREATMENT RANDOM HOUSE ?? WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR MARKETING PLAN FOR MY BOOK RANDOM HOUSE ?? Maybe I should take my concerns public Random House, write a Times OpEd ??

But even IF Rhoden is not Brave

He could at least have done for Himself. He could have certainly leaned on Bill Keller ar The Times for a 1 – 2 month sabbatical ( Race Card ) so he could market the book Himself. Be assured Bill Rhoden does not live in Poverty.

But in the End

Bill Rhoden is just like the Athletes he slams again and again in his Book. Rhoden has his. He lives a Good Life. He works for The NY Times. He gets to travel all over the world covering Sports at someone else’s expense. So what IF Sports isn’t fair or balanced for African Americans. So what IF he works for a newspaper with virtually NO African Americans in High Places.

In fact Bill Rhoden has probably

already largely forgotten about

” 40 Million Dollar Slaves ”

while he writes his next

book that will be


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