Who President Bush Forgot To Invite To Dinner

Updated: August 1, 2006



Is this a Low Blow

or What

Criticizing President Bush

for not inviting any

Black Miami Dolphins

to Dinner in Miami

Yes this is so Inconsequential you probably have no idea what we are talking about. President Bush found himself in Miami Sunday doing whatever President Bush does constantly bouncing around the country besides telling audiences everywhere how well the Iraq Invasion is going, on The Ultimate Plane his own flying pleasure dome Air Force One. Wouldn’t you use the Perk.


Presidents just like we Mortals like to eat Dinner. In Miami everyone knows one of the best places for a real good meal is legendary Joe’s Stone Crabs. So President Bush made a reservation and not one to eat ( or think ) alone he decided to invite some Sports figures. The kind of folk he is most comfortable. Anyway he couldn’t invite Sec. of State Condi Rice even if he wanted to since she was flying back from the Mideast after messing things up there again.

So who did he invite ?

Two obvious choices since Football Season is almost here. Hall of Fame Miami Dolphin Quarterback Dan Marino and current Miami coach Lou Sabin. Marino accepted in a Flash but Lou Sabin refused. Really. He told the President he was too busy in Training Camp. Gutsy Guy especially since Bush can send anyone he wants to Guantanemo without saying why. Forever.

So Bush and Marino dined alone

crushing the shells of those

famous stone crabs

Here is our Problem. And you can accuse us of Bush Bashing all you want. Cause we don’t drink the KoolAid here in the Box. With or without Stone Crabs. If the theme of the dinner was Miami Dolphin 1) coaches, and 2) Hall of Famers. Well if President Bush did just a little research nothing more than Googling the Internet on Air Force One he could have come up with a few African Americans to offer those free Stone Crabs at Joe’s.

While there has never been an African American head coach in the history of the Franchise which dates to 1966, and even with only a modest list of Hall of Famers. W could have found one or more Black Dolphins to invite.

Here’s the Point

If you are attuned to racial “balance” in Sports. If you understand the imbalances African Americans continue to experience in Sports. If you are Inclusive in your Thinking. The most obvious thing to do when putting together a VERY public dinner for yourself as President. Does anyone doubt this event was not carefully staged for maximum local impact ??? You would say to yourself President Bush hey why don’t we include a Black Dolphin for dinner with me in Miami.

There are 3 excellent Choices

President George W. Bush

did not invite to Dinner

Hall of Famer Larry Little, a rare Center in the Hall who played most of his career with the Miami Dolphins 1969-1980. Hall of Fame Class of 1993. And yes yet another Center, who took over from Larry Little. Dwight Stephenson, 1980-1987. Hall of Fame Class of 1998. And of course Wide Receiver Paul Warfield who played for the Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins in a career that spanned 1964-1977. Hall of Fame Class of 1983.

Paul Warfield would have been the obvious choice IF The White House was worried about the size of the Tab ( very very unlikely the way they spend and even more waste ). Better yet would have been inviting all 3. And the 5 other White Dolphin Hall of Famers. In that small group.


Bush and Marino

dined alone


Little Stephenson & Warfield

stayed Home alone

( probably not eating stone crabs )

Too Bad for

President George Bush

and Fairness and

Inclusion in


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