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Updated: August 9, 2006



Thank God

for the Unexpected

it make Things more interesting

just ask Mike Bell

That’s if you can reach him high above on Cloud 9

That is not the way Bell felt back in April after the 2 day NFL Draft concluded and with 255 players selected Bell’s name was no where to be found. As he said at that point ” I felt like quitting football.” But he did not.

From the Depths of Despair

to the Heights of Heaven

in 4 short months

Here are Mike Bells stats as a running back for the University of Arizona Wildcats last year. 206 carries, 935 total yards, 5 TDs, averaging 4.5 yards a play. In addition Bell had 19 receptions for 79 yards, bringing his total to 1014 yards for the season. On a team that finished 3-8.

Here is Bell’s complete college record

” According to the NCAA, Bell finished his career at Arizona with 3,157 yards rushing (4.7 yard-average) and 17 touchdowns. He also caught 56 passes for 469 yards and a touchdown. Bell rushed for over 150 yards twice during his senior year and had eleven 100-plus yard rushing games during his career at Arizona.”

What Bell’s invisibility at the Draft says most of all is the fierceness of the competition to be ANY draft pick forget about First Round. And as well how both imprecise and serendipitous the Draft is as teams focus on filling certain positions which leaves some players on the Draft Sidelines.

It is doubly interesting that Mike Shanahan and the Broncos are the team that pursued Bell even after the Draft. Last season they were most famous for Drafting another running back it seemed no one else really wanted. Maurice Clarett. In that case the result was the Opposite.

It turned out a Bad Decision.

As for Bell it may be best he remain Sanguine. Here is how the Arizona Daily Wildcat presented Bell’s prospects way back at the start of the 2004 season.

And we quote

“Since the moment head coach Mike Stoops stepped on the UA campus, he’s made no secret that running back Mike Bell was going to be the focus of the Wildcat offense in 2004.”

It didn’t turn out quite to be a Winning Formula.

Then there is this Pre-Draft 2006 analysis

in another publication

Bell’s one of the great values in this draft — a player who is undoubtedly going to make an impact at the NFL level. He’s not drawing quite the same amount of attention as some of the other marquee backs at the moment, but that’s primarily because of the impact that all the changes Arizona’s football program went through during his collegiate career. That impacted continuity, including on the offensive line that Bell had to count on to help open some holes for him as he shouldered an increasing workload for the team.”

As noted in the end not even one of the 32 NFL teams decided ” Bell is one of the great values in this draft.” Not one. Still this evaluation was on target in other ways. It went on to say “In addition to Bell’s great vision on the field as a running back, he provides a complete, balanced skill set to prospective NFL employers. Despite the difficult times he had at Arizona while the team dealt with so many changes, his overall experience provides him with an edge in landing a job with a team that needs a highly versatile back..”

Now Mike Bell is Poised

to show what he can do

as Denver’s premier

running back

Friday night

in Detroit

and will he still be there

come season’s start

Sunday September 10

against St. Louis

don’t be Surprised

It’s nice on Cloud 9

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