Tiger’s 50 Who Cares

Updated: August 8, 2006



Step Aside

Michael Jordan

your Reign as

The Most Irrelevant

African American Athlete

is Long Over

All Hail

Tiger Woods

The Most Irrelevant

African American Athlete


Not that Tiger Woods needed to win his 50th Tour Victory Sunday, and become the youngest golfer ever to do so, surpassing his only rival Jack Nicklaus by 3 years to capture that distinction. But 50 is a Milestone and it solidifies The Tiger’s “greatness” as a golf professional.

We write about Tiger so often in the Box we were almost tempted to pass this by and write about something more significant about Black athletes, but Tiger tempted us successfully with his “official” interview after the Buick Open when he provided the chosen reporter another intimate look at Tiger.

Because after a dozen questions

And the conclusion of the interview once again for more times than we can any longer count Tiger Woods did not even make any passing reference to the fact that he is an African American athlete nor the state of African Americans in golf specifically and Sports in general.

Playing in PGA Tournaments week after week in which over 100 PGA professionals are entered along with their over 100 Caddies, and all kinds of PGA and course officials all over the place. And among these hundreds of individuals week after week, season after season Tiger is the ONLY Black American anywhere, except in the kitchen, tending to the grass and cleaning the locker room.

Ironically the subject he always touches on now his late father Earl Woods puts a new spin on Tiger’s anti-Black persona. His father was pure African American. You might ( if you’re naive ) think that maybe in reference to his father Tiger would say something ANYTHING about the African American experience ….

…….. his father’s or even more his grand parents and great great grand parents ( who would have been Slaves ) struggles and challenges as an African American. But NO not close. His father might as well have been White.

Which led us to Thinking

Is there anything conceivable that might ever happen to Tiger Woods in his entire gilded life that will have him say the words “African American” in reference to himself. And we finally figured it out. Even as it has been ever so obvious.


Tiger is a Married Man

who will likely have


Granted he has a young attractive wife as White as the Driven Snow. What else. But unless Tiger decides on some secret genetic manipulation ( possible ) he and his wife just might produce Black Children. That will at least produce somewhat of a Dilemma for him when his daughters and/or sons want to know more about their Black skin and their African American Heritage.

Then imagine if the Tiger Kids grow up in spite of all the Wealth with a consciousness of who and what they are and develop identities for themselves as African Americans. What will Tiger do ??

At this point

Having brought up the subject of Parenthood and for all we know since Tiger is 30 already there might be an announcement any day his wife is expecting their first child. We want to recommend an award wining children’s book for him about a boy who is born of an African American father and White mother and who himself is clearly looked upon as African American.

It might help Tiger adjust

Here is the Book Tiger …

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