There’s Always Hope Little Known Black Pitcher Now In Demand

Updated: August 17, 2006



Boston’s Red Sox

are Desperate for

some Relief

And there are others

quite a few

Baseball more than any other Sport is capable of turning little known and unknown players, who normally always toil in obscurity, some worse scorned, into veritable Gods for a brief moment anyway.

It’s the nature of the Baseball Season

it happens every year

Deep into August and the second half of the season there are teams that had been cruising who run into a slew of injuries or just Bad Karma, or both, and other teams who unexpectedly begin to see Light at the End of the regular season.

All of them inevitably seek

the Magic Elixir

Some player that one club or another is willing to part company even glad to often for almost nothing but their own Hope of future glory nabbing some maybe promising prospect, a draft pick or two or maybe just lighten there salary load and open up a slot for a promising minor leaguer. In September.

The point is

Every season about this time there is a convergence of the Haves and the Have Nots or more accurately a very bizarre version of that Reality. In which MLB teams with almost nothing to offer momentarily appear to hold the Keys to the Kingdom in their Dugout in the person of an under-appreciated player.

More often then not a Pitcher

which finally bring us to

LaTroy Hawkins

African American Relief Pitcher

who usually toils in


LaTroy Hawkins has bounced around the Majors since 1995. Hawkins is what is commonly referred to as a journeyman player. A term that can be used to praise or deride. Even both at the same time. For sure Baseball could not exist without its Journeymen. The guys who make sure there are 9 players in the lineup. Who make the Stars and the SuperStars look good by contrast.

For African Americans

It’s even worse or better depending on how you want to look at it. Without the small number of Black journeymen still in Baseball there would even be fewer African Americans on MLB rosters. Yes were it not for players just like today’s Black Box subject of interest LaTroy Hawkins.

Continuing our Yin Yang format today

Hawkins has just suffered the ultimate indignity

and the great joy of Clearing Wavers

Which means if you don’t know when the Baltimore Orioles offered him in a Trade just recently to any of the 31 other MLB Clubs not even one of them chose to claim him per the requirements of the Waiver Rules. The value of Clearing Wavers is that the Orioles are now free to make a deal with any club they chose under any conditions if they can. Which they couldn’t under Waivers.

And as a result it appears

LaTroy Hawkins is in Demand

and the Orioles would be

glad to Part with him if

they can make a Deal

In many ways the most desperate team in the Major Leagues right now are the Boston Red Sox. Who have been sliding precipitously since the All Star break after cruising in first place most of the first half of the season lording it over arch rivals the New York Yankees. Now the situation is reversed with the so called Bronx Bombers perched 3 games ahead of Boston on Wednesday.

In addition to their injuries

The Boston Red Sox are suffering dearly for some Relief Pitching. The number of games they have lost since the July Break late in the game can almost be called “staggering.” If they had better Relief they might still be Cruising in First Place even with lots of their players nursing their Baseball Wounds.

Which brings us back to Hawkins

( we haven’t forgotten you LaTroy )

This 33 year old right hander is 1-2 with a 4.76 ERA in 49 appearances and 51 innings pitched this season. Lifetime in his 12th season having pitched for the Minnesota Twins for his first 9 seasons before hitting the road in rapid succession with the Cubs, Giants and Orioles, compiling a career record so far of 98 saves in 558 games. won-lost record of 52-71 and ERA of 4.77.

Nothing exceptional except

If you are desperate for some Relief a “new” pitcher who might reach his true potential at least not pitch as bad as the current knuckle heads blowing leads for the Boston Red Sox night after night in recent weeks.

Word is it not just the Sox

The Rumor Mill which never stops Grinding says the Yankees are also pursuing Hawkins maybe simply to deny Boston some Hope. Also Kansas City maybe because anything would be an improvement for them. And then as always there are the unnamed other clubs showing interest.

You would almost think

Obscure Black Relief Pitcher

LaTroy Hawkins

average at best is really some

Secret Super Star waiting

to be Magically Uncloaked for

Boston he might be ?

We’re with you LaTroy !!

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