The Day After Tomorrow: THE NEXT MVP

By Clifford Benton
Updated: August 21, 2006

Queens, NY—He’s got the heart and the smarts. “I feel if you step on the court with me, you’re taking food out of my mouth. You’re trying to disrespect me.” That audacious quote came from a young man known in some circles as the Day After Tomorrow. But, is gov’t name is Lonnell (that’s two N’s and two L’s thank you) Jones, and you can tell him apart from everyone by his Brooklyn swagger.

He’s trying, with the help of his backcourt mate, E-Z Pass (Derrick), to bring a title back to BK with the help of a few of his friends. His team, the Pride and the Powerful, have exemplified spirit, guts, and determination all season long, and they’re one of the favorites to win it all in the Almighty Force Basketball Tournament’s Unlimited Division.

Jones credits his heart from his Brooklyn roots and his smarts from his family. He recently received his two-year degree and is continuing his studies. But that doesn’t make him soft by any stretch, especially on the B-ball court.

“We’re going to win it all. I believe that. I rather the game rely on me and my decisions. I want to take the last shot. I want the ball when the game is on the line. But I’ll pass if that’s the smart thing to do.”

If his prediction holds true, and the Pride and the Powerful win it all, he’ll retain his moniker as The Day After Tomorrow—but if they fall short, he’ll be given a new moniker by the “X” Factor (the best color commentator in street ball minus the brotha who used to do the night games at Lincoln Park): The Day Before Yesterday.